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'Imagine her terror': Internet wrecked over possibility Xana Kernodle was AWAKE when stabbed

Reports indicate that Xana Kernodle was most likely awake at the time Bryan Kohberger allegedly attacked and killed her
UPDATED JAN 23, 2023
New reports say Xana Kernodle was awake at the time of attack (xanakernodle/Instagram, Latah County Sheriff's Office)
New reports say Xana Kernodle was awake at the time of attack (xanakernodle/Instagram, Latah County Sheriff's Office)

MOSCOW, IDAHO : Details keep trickling in about the horrifying murders of Idaho and each new revelation has set off numerous online discussions about the four victims and the only suspect in case, Bryan Kohberger. A new report released earlier this month in January revealed that Xana Kernodle was in most likelihood awake at the time Bryan Kohberger allegedly attacked and killed her. 

Police believe that Kohberger committed the Idaho murders between 4.00 am and 4.25 am. According to the report released, Kernodle received a DoorDash delivery at around 4.00 am and was on Tik-Tok around that time. 


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Internet reacts to Xana Kernodle being awake when she was stabbed

Netizens are saddened by the thought that Kernodle was possibly awake and fully conscious when she was stabbed. One Redditor wrote, "I think hard about all the victims but Xana the most. I am only presuming and assuming that out of all victims she was the most alert, most aware and most definitely awake according to the PCA so she experienced the full blown assault and murderous attack that was about to be delivered and take place on her. She fought back. She rushed to E [Ethan Chapin] for help and protection. She knew what his fate was while hers was being delivered to her. Her life flashed in an instant before her. She knew she was being taken. I can’t say the same for all the others. I think the others were all asleep or just awakened in their sleep and was still trying to fully process what was actually going on. X was fully aware of everything unlike the others. I’d rather be like the others and not even know my end is here. I always said if I die I want to die in my sleep so I don’t experience or feel or have to think anything. X felt every emotion there was. This is why my heart breaks for her. She went through the most out of any of them. And if I’m wrong I’m wrong but I stand on this." Another Redditor commented, "Absolutely. If the chronology is as it appears to be and she was awake, imagine her terror after being injured, watching her boyfriend being slaughtered, and knowing she would be next. Unimaginable." One post on the same thread pointed out how terrible it would have been if Kernodle had to witness Ethan Chapin's murder when she was taking her last breaths. "I wholeheartedly believe E was killed last. X is found on the floor and the only one of the victims to be found on the floor. Think about that. He killed X before E and if nothing else he incapacitated X with a few stabs to go to E and come back to her. One of the two happened. Meanwhile DM hears crying in her room and shortly after BK passing her and all is hunky dory to her. How long did the dog bark. I would think all night."




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