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Instagram and Facebook global outage sparks meme fest, Twitter leads the bandwagon

'Hello literally everyone,' tweeted Twitter amid the outage, prompting global business accounts to respond with the funniest quips and one-liners
The  hilarious tweet by Twitter
The hilarious tweet by Twitter

The global outage of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp on October 4 might have incurred a hefty loss of $7 billion for Mark Zuckerberg, but netizens seem to be least bothered about the same. As millions took to Twitter to vent their angst, the microblogging platform was soon flooded with memes and jokes around the social media outage that lasted six hours. In fact, even Twitter did not spare the opportunity to slyly roast the Facebook-owned services. "Hello literally everyone," tweeted the official account of Twitter amid the outage, prompting other global business accounts to respond with the funniest quips and one-liners. 

Celebs took to Twitter to share hilarious updates and enjoying the meme fest, while Twitterati sought the opportunity to brutally troll the apps. Meanwhile, there were also reports of Snapchat and Gmail acting up, which directed more people to Twitter — the only social media platform without any glitches. "If Instagram and Facebook can take Monday off, why can't we?!," joked cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. Drag Queen BenDeLaCreme hilariously tweeted, "Instagram and Facebook should go down everyday. I haven’t been this productive since 2006." Social media lovers were at their humorous best, kind of like the time Xbox went down under and bored gamers reacted by 'using imagination' to while away the time.


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As soon as Twitter posted the "hello literally everyone" tweet, Instagram did not delay in responding, "Hi and happy Monday," even with its servers down. Meanwhile, WhatsApp's official account wrote a simple "hello" with a hand wave emoji — which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey saw as a perfect window for trolling the app. "Thought this was supposed to be encrypted...," Dorsey tweeted. McDonald's decided to join the thread to up their publicity game as the restaurant chain wrote, "hi what can i get u." Twitter did not delay in answering, "59.6 million nuggets for my friends." Microsoft Teams also did not stay behind in one of the rarest and most popular roasting thread of all times as the firm tweeted, "*unmutes mic* Hey everyone."

Alexa tweeted, "I don't have hands so I'll just say Hi five times... Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!" while Tumblr simply posted the famous gif of monkey puppet Ōkiku naru Ko giving the side-eye glance. Tampax US punned their way into the game tweeting, "Twitter? Guess we'll insert ourselves right here." Diablo decided to troll Twitter by warning, "You're next." Other top accounts like OnlyFans, Dell, Truecaller, Starbucks, Nike, FEG, Twitch, Burger King, KFC, Adidas, Zoom, and celebrities like Adele, Metallica, also joined in the fun. 


After spending hours on Twitter (and a little bit on TikTok), we listed some of the best memes making their way to the top trending on the microblogging platform. Grab a popcorn bucket and take a look!