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Are Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta still together? 'Indian Matchmaking' stars take a major step

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta work hard to make their long-distance relationship work
UPDATED APR 21, 2023
Shital and Niraj takes big step in their relationship in 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 3 (Netflix)
Shital and Niraj takes big step in their relationship in 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 3 (Netflix)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: While busy climbing atop the career ladder, Shital Patel never realized how time flew by, until one fine day it dawned upon her that she was closer to her 40s than 20s. This quickly stirred a panic within her, as he began worrying about missing out on having her own kids, and a family. So, without wasting any further time, Shital turned to 'Indian Matchmaker' fame matchmaker Sima Taparia for help.

During their first meeting, Shital made it very clear to Sima that she wasn't the one to settle down or compromise when it came to what she was looking for in her life partner. Craving for a partnership of equals, Shital had a long list of non-negotiable traits that her partner should possess, such as a good head of hair, tattoos, Gujrati man, ambition, etc. Though Sima aunty tried her best to get Shital to lower her expectations a little, Shital was adamant about getting what she wanted. So, Sima aunty matched her with Viral Kothari and Aparna Shewakramani’s cousin Avinash Shingwani. Viral's excessive talking and the lack of spark and physical attraction with Avinash forced Shital to reject both the men.


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'Indian Matchmaking' star Sima Taparia (Netflix)
'Indian Matchmaking' star Sima Taparia (Netflix)

How did Shital meet Niraj?

Though Shital did acknowledge that Sima Aunty was within the ballpark of what she wanted, so she urged the matchmaker to continue looking for men for her. While Sima was busy trying to find good matches, Shital took things into her own hands and went ahead and found herself a man named Niraj Mehta. The Florida-based radiation oncologist was introduced to her through her sister, and the duo hit it off almost immediately.

Shital called up Sima to share the good news and thanked her for setting things into motion. Shital then gushed over how "kind" and amazing her new beau was, and declared that she had never been so love-struck in the past. Shital was especially happy about how open Niraj was about physical intimacy, and his thoughtful nature was just the cherry on the cake for her. The couple wrapped up 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 feeling lovestruck. So did the couple manage to make things work post-filming the Netflix show?

Are Shital and Neeraj still together after 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 3?

Niraj eventually meets Shital's parents for the first time in Season 3. Niraj was her first boyfriend of Shital to meet her parents. Her parents already started questioning if they are looking to settle down. Niraj reveals in a confessional that he connected well with her family. Her family gave their blessing to the young couple. They said they were ready to see them getting married as soon as possible.

Since long distance didn't appear to be an option for the couple, they decided to take some serious steps. They made a promise to see one other as much as possible during their long-distance relationship. But, after a while, she confesses that it becomes difficult. Niraj informs Shital that it makes no difference if they are in New York or Miami, as long as they "wanna create something together." Finally, he begs her to move in with him by handing her a copy of his house keys.

On and off social media, the couple has shared countless adorable images with one other. According to their posts, they attend festivals together, go on dates, and attempt new things together, such as cooking and dancing. The pair appeared to be living happily together as of the time of writing.

'Indian Matchmaking' Season 3 is available for streaming only on Netflix.