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'Indian Matchmaking': 'Negative' Aparna doesn't like comedy, will she be able to find her perfect match?

Based on Aparna's criteria, top matchmaker Sima shortlists a few matches for her but sends out only one biodata to Aparna so that she wouldn't be spoilt for choice
Aparna (Netflix)
Aparna (Netflix)

When you think of a bride in an arranged marriage setup, the image of a shy and coy girl pops up in our head, but Aparna Shewakramani is anything but that. After having a hard time in the dating pool, the 34-year-old feisty attorney decided to turn to the age-old custom of an arranged marriage to find her life partner. So she approaches top matchmaker, Sima Taparia, to help her find her soulmate.

When we see Aparna introducing herself, we see a confident and strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and is clearly not ready to settle for anything less. When Sima asks Aparna what her criteria are for her potential suitors, Aparna hilariously mentions that she doesn't like comedy and would be alright if the guy doesn't possess a sense of humor. She also talks about her passion for travel and recounts how she dumped a guy because he didn't know Bolivia had salt flats.

After hearing out Aparna's lengthy criteria, Sima declares that the attorney would prove to be a tough client and we might have to second her on that. Based on Aparna's criteria, Sima shortlists a few matches for her but sends out only one biodata to Aparna so that she wouldn't be spoilt for choice. Sima's first pick for Aparna turns out to be a sweet and funny podcast host and standup comedian. Although the meeting between Aparna's family and him went smoothly, by the end of their casual lunch date, Aparna realizes that she can't see a future with him, while her mother points out that he is too laidback for her.

Sima then understands that Aparna prefers men with a strong career drive and good educational background, so for her next two dates, she sends Aparna to meet two Ivy-league educated, successful men. Both of them looked great on paper and Aparna was excited to meet with them. She soon realizes that she lacked chemistry with one of them, while she enjoyed the company of the other guy.

Unfortunately for Aparna, the guy she was interested in turned her down citing that they two might not be on the same page with respect to what they want in life. Sima labels Aparna as a "negative person" and seeks the help of an astrologer and a face reader to understand if marriage was even on the cards for Aparna. When both of them tell Sima that Aparna would be getting married very soon, the matchmaker feels hopeful once again and begins looking harder for matches.

Meanwhile, Sima sends an astrologer to Aparna who counsels her and encourages her to be more optimistic and hopeful. After meeting the astrologer, we see a major change in Aparna. She seems more relaxed, optimistic and a lot more open for her future dates. Eventually, we see Aparna going on a string of dates and declaring that she's just going with the flow and is hopeful that she might meet her partner sooner than later. 

'Indian Matchmaking' is available for streaming on Netflix.