Yoon Kye-sang announces marriage with his non-celebrity partner, fans congratulate actor

Yoon Kye-sang had dated actress Lee Ha Nee since February of 2013. In June 2020, the news of their break-up was announced leaving fans saddened

                            Yoon Kye-sang announces marriage with his non-celebrity partner, fans congratulate actor
Actor Yoon Kye-Sang announces his wedding with a business person. (Photo by Woohae Cho/Getty Images)

Yoon Kye-sang began his career as an idol when he debuted in 1999 with one of the first-generation K-pop boy bands, g.o.d. He left the boy band in 2004 with the aim to pursue a career in acting. He debuted as an actor in the same year with the film, ‘Flying Boys’. His last acting projects were a 2019 movie titled, ‘Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission’ and a 2020 JTBC drama titled, ‘Chocolate’ with him as the main lead.

Ever since then, Yoon Kye-sang has appeared in many dramas and movies. Alongside buzz about his professional career, there is a lot of chatter about his personal life. In 2000, it was reported that he had received a poisoned drink from a fan that his mother ended up consuming. She was hospitalized and had to have her stomach pumped.


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Yoon Kye-sang attends the Opening Ceremony of the 22nd Busan International Film Festival (Photo by Woohae Cho/Getty Images)


Wedding bells ring for Yoon Kye-sang

The 43-year-old singer turned actor Yoon Kye-sang’s agency, JUST Entertainment, announced that he is all set to get married to his non-celebrity girlfriend. In June 2021, his agency had confirmed his relationship. On August 11, his agency took the announcement to Naver. The actor also announced this news to fans through his fan cafe. It is reported that he told fans that he feels really inexperienced in matters of love but he has met a very special person and has made a good relationship with her. He also said that she is a person with a good personality and those are the kind of people he warms up around.

There is no information about the identity of his bride-to-be apart from the fact that she is five years younger than him and is a business person. His agency was under fire from the actor's fans for lack of updates about the actor. They reported the good news saying that he is soon to get married to the person he loves. They also reported that he met his bride-to-be through an acquaintance and started seeing her at the end of 2020. With a smooth sailing relationship, the actor has now decided to register for marriage instead of having a big ceremony. 

As both Yoon Kye-sang and his fiance wish to get married soon, they would have a small ceremony instead as it would have been difficult for them to hold the wedding in the foreseeable future due to the adversity of the ongoing pandemic.

Actor Yoon Kye Sang is all set to marry his non-celebrity girlfriend (Yoon Kye-sang/hancinema.net)

Current projects

Yoon Kye-sang had dated actress and model Lee Ha Nee since February of 2013. In June 2020, the news of their break-up was announced leaving fans saddened. The report of his marriage seems to have garnered more attention from fans which is why Kye-sang hopes to have some privacy for his bride to be as she is a non-celebrity and prefers staying away from the attention.

It is reported that Yoon Kye-sang is currently filming for tvN’s thriller crime drama, ‘Crime Puzzle’, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year. He is reported to also be working on another movie set to release later in this year titled, ‘Spiritwalker’.

Yoon Kye-sang says to his fans that he will continue to work hard as an actor and wishes for fans to support his future ventures while also sending their blessings for starting a new journey in his life. One fan took to Twitter to say, "I adored his long relationship with Honey Lee, but I guess it’s not really about the # of years. Anyway, congrats, YKS!" and others congratulated him saying, "Kyaaaaa omg congratulation.", "Wishing them the happiest married life." and "Fascinating one."