'Staging 101': Expert says Idaho suspect Bryan Kohberger left knife sheath at murder house to mislead investigators

'Staging 101': Expert says Idaho suspect Bryan Kohberger left knife sheath at murder house to mislead investigators
Bryan Kohberger is currently awaiting trial for murdering four University of Idaho students (Monroe County Correctional Facility; @xanakernodle/Instagram; aubrie.goncalves/Instagram)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: The University of Idaho murders continue to give rise to new theories every day, and the latest is that Bryan Kohberger, the accused, may have made a deliberate attempt to throw the investigators off his scent. A criminal profiler has stated that Kohberger may have left the knife sheath at the home of the deceased on purpose - to try and mislead the authorities.


“If you took a pistol out of your holster, wouldn’t you put it back in?” John Kelly, a psychotherapist who has interviewed serial killers, said, according to New York Post. “I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t, and if I went fishing and had to take my knife out, I would put it back in the sheath.” He also stated that the suspect probably put the knife away to make sure it did not contaminate his clothes or vehicle.


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Kohberger and the missing weapon

"You're such a clean vegan who's obsessive-compulsive about what you eat and everything else, just the hygiene of carrying a bloody knife around, wearing it somewhere on your person as you get out of the house," Kelly pointed out. He also stated that the outcome of the case may depend on what the surviving housemates would have to say on the matter. According to the police affidavit, Dylan Mortensen had heard noises and then saw a masked man with "bushy eyebrows" leaving through the sliding door. However, she does not mention any weapons. "The girl didn't say anything about seeing a knife," Kelly said. "Did he put it in his clothes somewhere and have blood all over?"


‘Staging 101!’: Kelly dissects Kohberger’s actions

"This is staging 101," he continued. "They're going to look at this, and they're going to think it's a military guy that did this – some guy with some kind of training who lives up the road." He then went on to add, "He may have thought this was the perfect ruse. Again, he's no genius; his ruse and staging set him up to get caught.”

"That could have precipitated the question: ‘Who else did you arrest?’" Kelly continued, alluding to Kohberger’s question to the police when he was taken into custody on December 30. "I think he had to believe that that was going to lead them to somebody, some direction, with the sheath there."

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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 Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger left knife sheath behind to mislead investigators, expert claims