'I Can See Your Voice': Jacquelyn chooses to lose $40K, fans say she 'played smart'

'At least Jacquelyn walked away with something. Great job, mixologist!!! #ICanSeeYourVoice,' wrote a fan

                            'I Can See Your Voice': Jacquelyn chooses to lose $40K, fans say she 'played smart'
Jacquelyn and Dennis Diaz on 'I Can See Your Voice' (FOX)

FOX's 'I Can See Your Voice' is back with an all-new episode and excited fans tuned in eagerly ready to pick out the bad singer from the lineup of singers. The episode featured Jacquelyn, a scientist who works with girls to inculcate an interest in science through cosmetics. Jacquelyn came in hoping to raise some money to expand her program so that she could reach out to more girls. 

With the help of the show's celebrity panelists Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Bailor-Houghton, Joel McHale and Lil Rel Howery, and the episode's musical superstar Jason Mraz, Jacquelyn began trying to guess who was the bad singer and get rewarded for it. With a potential to win $15,000 for every right guess and the grand prize of $100,000 on the line, the stakes were certainly pretty high. After one wrong guess, Jacquelyn managed to guess four bad singers correctly earning her a cool $60,000 in her kitty. 


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Toward the end, Jacquelyn was left only with the mixologist named Dennis Diaz. If she guessed correctly whether he was a good or bad singer, she would win the $100,000 grand prize. Alternatively, she was also given an option to play it safe and go home with the $60,000 she had already won. After carefully weighing her options, she decided to not take any risk and go home with $60,000. Later Dennis was given an opportunity to perform with Jason so that Jacquelyn and the audience could finally learn whether the mixologist was a good or bad singer. To everybody's pleasant surprise he turned out to be a good singer.

Even though Jacquelyn lost the $40,000 due to her decision to play safe, fans still continued to cheer for her and her win. A fan tweeted, "#icanseeyourvoice you still going home with the money!" "She missed out on 40k, but she played smart #ICanSeeYourVoice," wrote a fan. "At least Jacquelyn walked away with something. Great job, mixologist!!! #ICanSeeYourVoice," added a fan. "#icanseeyourvoice OH NOOOO it’s okay girl you still got $60K," echoed a fan.






Another fan expressed, "Alright, he's good, but Jacquelyn's still walking home with 60k. Wasn't worth the risk #ICanSeeYourVoice." "Mixologist and Jason Mraz are doing a duet. Jacquelyn chooses to take the $60K and walk. She just got robbed of $40K because Mixologist can sure sing. #ICanSeeYourVoice," declared a fan. "That's a massive disappointment that she didn't keep playing, but I'm proud of her for taking the $60,000 #ICanSeeYourVoice," seconded a fan.





'I Can See Your Voice' airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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