'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire': Joel McHale stumped by question about Queen Elizabeth II's trusted nail paint

'Card Sharks' host was forced to walk away with $125,000 as he had exhausted all his lifelines that could have help him answer the question

                            'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire': Joel McHale stumped by question about Queen Elizabeth II's trusted nail paint
Joel McHale and Brad Stevens (ABC)

Joel McHale continued playing 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' on Sunday night's episode with host Jimmy Kimmel. The 'Card Sharks' host began his streak in the game last Sunday. He was ready to advance to the next round but the timer went off meaning he had to make a return on the show for another week, which was a moment of joy for his fans who can't get enough of him. McHale wasn't doing as great with the responses during the game, oftentimes turning to his friend Brad Stevens who helped him with the responses. However, when it came to making the whole thing entertaining, McHale brought it. 

McHale and Stevens made for an impressive partnership. Together, they tackled many tough questions for instance, "Which of the following is Joe Biden's middle name (Robinette) and not the name of a comic book character?" The options looked as confusing as they come, however, Stevens was there to help McHale get through it and win the prize money attached to it. McHale also dropped a lot of names during the game, saying he knew Melissa McCarthy personally, as a question about her appeared on his screen which he answered using Stevens' help. McHale also dropped Nicole Kidman's name but backtracked as quickly as he did, bringing in the laughs. 

Kimmel himself too helped McHale make some money in the game as he chose to make use of the 'Ask the Host' lifeline that was available to him. "In 2020 the NY Post reported some users of a popular erectile dysfunction drug were experiencing which of these strange side effects?" was the question. Kimmel was able to confirm that the side effect wasn't – cured baldness, urge to gamble, or Italian accent but the correct answer was a blue vision. "I knew my fascination with the human penis would pay off one day," exclaimed Kimmel after it helping McHale win $125,000 with the answer. 

However, what came next was an incredibly tough choice for McHale as he'd exhausted all his lifelines and still wasn't able to find out what had been Queen Elizabeth II's favored shade of nail paint for 30 years (Ballet Slippers by Essie). Like the question, the options too were confusing, leaving him stumped. Answering the question that was for $250,000 incorrectly would mean dropping down to $125,000, which is losing almost $93,000. McHale wasn't ready to risk the money especially since he was playing for charity and chose to bow out of the game. 

'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on ABC. 

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