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Knetz troll HyunA over her 'scandalous' outfit, fans say: 'The misogyny jumped out’ 

Fans of HyunA slam Korean media outlets and ask, ‘Why are you shaming her?’ after photos of her outfit are overanalyzed online
After Korean media criticized HyunA's bold fashion choices, fans called out the shamers on Twitter (@hyunah_aa/Instagram)
After Korean media criticized HyunA's bold fashion choices, fans called out the shamers on Twitter (@hyunah_aa/Instagram)

It seems like Korean media outlets can’t let singer HyunA live her life. The P Nation idol had always been on the radar of Korean media and ever since her relationship with Dawn, another idol from the label, went public, they have been dubbed as the "it couple" of K-pop. With anything and everything she posts on Instagram becoming the "talk of the town", HyunA has been on the radar of Korean news outlets a lot in her career as a K-pop idol.

From posting about sad love songs leading to false rumors about her breaking up with Dawn to genuine concern about her mental and physical health, HyunA has always been a viral idol, and rightfully so. Looks like HyunA's Instagram post is being overanalyzed again and this time around, it is for her choice of clothing. On April 27, HyunA flaunted her peach hair color with high-cut bangs as she chose the trendy new fashion outfit -- sneakers.


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Korean media calls Hyuna’s outfit ‘embarrassing’

An ongoing fashion fad has seen many K-pop idols use sneakers as corsets and bralette tops. HyunA chose the latter and was seen wearing a yellow sneaker bralette that she paired with grey cut-out sweatpants and boots. As soon as she posted the photo, a lot of Korean media articles were released calling her outfit "provocative" and "embarrassing". Over the last few years, HyunA has been a victim of many malicious comments that have been directed toward her as well as her fiancee Dawn for their very public relationship as well as towards HyunA for her bold fashion choices.

This time around, one specific article that is being shared on Twitter talks about HyunA's fashion choices in a derogatory manner. The article pointed out that HyunA's choice of outfit was unique, while the overall outfit looked like it was made just for her. The article also mentioned that the tattoo all over her arms contrasted with her pale "white" skin and the engagement ring from Dawn was an eye-catching part of the entire outfit.


‘Why are you shaming her?’

Meanwhile, this along with many other articles calling HyunA (Hyuna) provocative and revealing have been mistaken to be in praise of the singer. The back-handed compliments, however, did not sit well with many of her fans. One fan blatantly pointed out, “The misogyny jumped out.” One more fan said, “What’s embarrassing???? She has a great body, she’s beautiful!! Why are you shaming her? She’s obviously not embarrassed if she took the pics!” Another fan complimented, “She looks amazing.” One more fan added, “She is the Korean Disney girl.”