'Play Your Music': HYBE announces Global Audition to find the next BTS

Members of BTS appeared in a video where they called out talented artists to audition for HYBE’s new global audition

                            'Play Your Music': HYBE announces Global Audition to find the next BTS
BTS members call on aspirants to join Big Hits new online Global Audition titled, 'Play Your Music' (www.bighitaudition.com)

HYBE, the label under which Big Hit Music, the music management company that takes care of the activities of BTS and fourth-generation K-pop groups TXT, has announced their Global Auditon in search for a new boy band. The title of the audition event is ‘Play Your Music’ and applications last for a whole two months.

In an announcement video that features the seven members of BTS, which was released on October 18 on HYBE Labels’ official website as well as their YouTube channel, the label announced that they are in search of new male trainees who will be selected from Big Hit’s Global Audition. In the announcement, RM, the leader of BTS, told aspirants that they could make their dreams come true with the audition on their road to success. J-Hope continued by saying how he still remembered his first dance group audition.


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Application dates are out

Jimin then went ahead to announce the dates of the audition. He said that the auditions start on October 18 and end on December 20. Jin then spoke about how, now that the audition was online, it was much easier for aspirants all over the world to apply. The aspirants can be singers, rappers, dancers as well as music producer male applicants, born after the year 2002.

Jungkook then told aspirants how they could apply online and how members of BTS will walk them through the audition process. Suga also talked about how the audition changed his life as he himself also auditioned before debuting with BTS. V then said that if aspirants want their dreams to come true, they should go ahead and apply. He reassured them that BTS will be waiting for them.


Play your Music Audition

‘The 2021 Big Hit Global Audition’ will have an online application process where male aspirants born after 2002 can apply regardless of nationality or residence. The application and registration process will be held on Big Hit Music’s official audition website.

While they register, applicants will be able to choose one of the four fields: vocal, rap, dance, and producing. Applicants will have to record an introductory video at least one minute long. The applicants will have to submit the introductory video along with one frontal photo. More information about these can be found online on the official website as well as in a detailed video from HYBE Labels themselves.


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