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HYBE building for BTS and BigHit Entertainment artists: ARMY reveals exclusive space, suggests new intro song

The HYBE building features an exclusive three-storied space with modern equipment for working out and four BigHit libraries
UPDATED MAR 19, 2021
Chairman and CEO of HYBE Bang Si-hyuk, Global CEO Lenzo Yoon and HQ CEO Jiwon Park rebrand BigHit Entertainment to HYBE as they launch the label's swanky new workspace (BigHit Entertainment)
Chairman and CEO of HYBE Bang Si-hyuk, Global CEO Lenzo Yoon and HQ CEO Jiwon Park rebrand BigHit Entertainment to HYBE as they launch the label's swanky new workspace (BigHit Entertainment)

BigHit Entertainment corporation is renaming its name to HYBE, while incorporating a number of changes and shifting to a lavish home and calling the new corporation a “bigger vessel for BigHit to nestle in.” In a thirty-minute-long presentation, Bang Si-hyuk, Chairman and CEO of HYBE, Lenzo Yoon, Global CEO, and Jiwon Park, HQ CEO explain the new future of HYBE and all the changes that the company will be bringing.

From a three-storied space just for artists to work out in, to partnering with small businesses and supporting their dreams, here’s the new lavish home of BTS and other BigHit label artistes. The new name ‘HYBE’ stands for “connection, expansion, and relationships” and the brand logo says “HYBE WE BELIEVE IN MUSIC.” With two main headquarters in HYBE HQ and HYBE America, HYBE will consist of HYBE Labels, HYBE Solutions, and HYBE Platforms. HYBE labels will include BigHit Music, BELIFT LAB, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, and HYBE Labels Japan


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Big Hit new Building HYBE (Big Hit Labels YouTube)

BTS ARMY shares photos of the lavish new home of BigHit Entertainment

One of the things that excited the most to BTS ARMY is the new home of BTS artists features an exclusive three-storied space with all the modern equipment for working out. Along with that, there will be four BigHit libraries to which ARMY quipped that BTS' leader RM aka Namjoon, known to be a certified geek is never coming out of the place! A fan wrote, "FOUR bighit libraries?? namjoon is never coming to live or Weverse again and good luck to the intern who will be designated to finding him for practice!" Another said, "bighits new building has three floors of exclusive fitness centers double the size of their previous gym all with skyline views and new equipment we’re in hell!" And added, "a garden area filled with 200 six-meter birch trees & plants just for relaxing the mind and soul you’ll have to drag namjoon out of there." Another fan shared previous pictures of Kim Taehyung working out with the caption "three floors only for gyms..."





HYBE new building (Big Hit Labels YouTube)
HYBE new building structure (Big Hit Labels YouTube)

Supporting small businesses

BTS ARMY has also pointed that Big Hit corporation newly named HYBE, a giant Entertainment mogul now is supporting small businesses still which has been their motto from day one. For the new lavish HYBE Building, the conglomerate has partnered with an independent coffee brand Fritz. A fan wrote, "I kinda like that they partnered with an independent coffee brand not a big chain brand!" Another stated, "I love how they continue to do this. It’s in their blood to support local and small businesses!"



'Needs a new intro song'

Along with a new building and a name change, fans have suggested a new intro as well. Sharing a funny Soobin of TXT video, a fan wrote, "petition for hybe to put this video on their intro!" while another suggested the famous Jimin portrait to be at the front of the building. 


What are your thoughts on the new HYBE building? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the entire presentation here