How and where to watch BTS 'Yet To Come' free Busan concert? Fans say 'life depends on Weverse'

How and where to watch BTS 'Yet To Come' free Busan concert? Fans say 'life depends on Weverse'
BTS to hold a free concert in Busan (@BTS_jp_official/Twitter)

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA: We finally have some good news surrounding the free BTS concert. The 'Yet To Come' concert for the Busan World Expo 2030 bid will be held for free and will also be livestreamed online for free. K-pop fans were also impressed as over 400k people tried to get the tickets which were sold out in only 35 seconds to 100k people. 

With even the previous South Korean president acknowledging BTS' global influence, Busan made the K-pop superstars their ambassador for the World Expo 2030. And as a bid to hold the World Expo in Busan in 2030, BTS will be holding the free 'Yet To Come' concert for 100k fans. From changing the venue to ensure the safety of the fans to livestreaming online for free for international fans, Busan and HYBE is going all out for the concert. 


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Concert date and time

BTS' 'Yet To Come' free Busan concert will be held on October 15 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


The free concert will be held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium which has a seating capacity of 53k in Busan.

Where and how to watch

The 'Yet To Come' concert will be livestreamed online and broadcast on TV channels for international fans. Fans can watch it through the Weverse app and Weverse TV app. Korean fans can watch it on the JTBC channel while Japanese fans can watch it on TBS Channel 1.



What is the free 'Yet To Come' Busan concert

To promote Busan's bid to hold the World Expo in 2030 in their city, they have roped in one of the country's biggest cultural and financial assets -- BTS. The city shared that apart from gifting ARMY (BTS' fandom) with a concert, they wanted to invite non-K-pop fans from around the world as well to experience the festival-like energy of their K-pop industry with BTS' concert with more to come if they get selected to hold the World Expo 2030. The 'World Expo 2030 Busan Korea Concert - BTS Yet To Come in Busan' concert has given away 100k free tickets and can also be watched for free on Weverse. It also allows a playback feature for those who missed certain parts to rewind the concert while watching live.

While fans are excited, with the Weverse Live being a new function that is still glitchy and being developed, ARMY had a hilarious response. One fan hoped, "Stable weverse stream for Busan concert.. please..please..please." Another fan made a reaction meme, "Armys who can’t go to busan concert: weverse please be stable weverse:." One fan posted, "And the armys who can't attend the busan concerts...... Our life now depends on weverse."






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