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From premarital sex to breaking up, how 'Satan' interfered in Madi and Grant Troutt's relationship

Madi and Grant Troutt revealed that even after marriage, the two still got into fights caused by Satan’s interference between them
Grant and Madison Troutt appeared together on a podcast recently (Instagram/@madisonprew)
Grant and Madison Troutt appeared together on a podcast recently (Instagram/@madisonprew)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Appearing on the 'Group Dates and Hot Takes' podcast, ‘The Bachelor’ star Madison Troutt and Grant Troutt revealed that Satan had been a repeated feature in their marriage and the two had only recently been able to avoid the temptation that he caused in their marriage.

Madison Prewett, who first gained popularity when she competed for Peter Weber's affection on Season 24 of Bravo's ‘The Bachelor’, found love with her husband Grant Michael Troutt. After Grant ended his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss, Prewett and Weber officially ended their relationship in March 2020. Prewett was then linked to NBA star Michael Porter Jr for eight months, before they split in April 2021. However, two months later, she started seeing Grant Troutt, the son of billionaire Kenny Troutt who is worth $1.5 billion. Prewett went public with her relationship with Troutt in May 2022 and has since been sharing her love for him on social media. The two appeared on a podcast recently together and revealed how ‘Satan’ had almost succeeded in driving the two apart.


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How did ‘Satan’ drive Madi and Grant Troutt apart?

Grant Troutt explained in detail how ‘Satan’ had played an evil role in their marriage, claiming that he would tempt them with intercourse before they had been married. Whenever the two even slightly gave in, it would only cause fights between them. Grant said, “There were moments when we would start making out and maybe we got a little handsy, and what I would feel the next day, ‘stripped of confidence‘, ‘stripped of boldness‘. All of a sudden I would feel this way, I think my tongue got loose and lashed out. We had this thing where satan offers us a little box of pleasure. He says, ‘just take a little bit’, and he promises unity. But every single time, it only caused our biggest fights.

However, things seem to have changed after marriage. While the couple still runs into problems, they choose to choose each other over their fights. Grant also revealed how ‘Satan’ could no longer affect them due to their bond of marriage, saying, “Before we were married, Satan was like ‘how can I tempt you to be all over each other'. Now that we are married, he goes, "how do I, get them away from each other". "Especially after our marriage, we are gonna want to have sex, five times a day every single day. But it’s interesting how Satan tries to bring us apart once we are married, how he tries to split this intimacy up, once you are married", said Grant.


The couple also revealed that even after marriage, the two still got into fights caused by Satan’s interference between them. Grant said, “And then he goes, ‘together, together, together. Now that I can’t tempt you with lust anymore, so how do I get you off that? And we had to fight and there were moments when we were like, “hey, we gonna choose to have this intimacy right now, even though we are fighting right now, even after this big argument, because we gonna fight for this unity, and we are gonna look at Satan right in his eyes and go, ‘we are fighting, but you cannot tear us apart with god on our sides.’"

Needless to say, while the two have been able to develop a seemingly happy, wholesome relationship, the interference of none other than ‘Satan’ might prove hard for fans to digest.