'The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever': Peter Weber returns, upset fans say nobody wants to see him again

Fans were left extremely upset on seeing Pete the pilot on the premiere episode

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever': Peter Weber returns, upset fans say nobody wants to see him again
Peter Weber (ABC)

Thanks to coronavirus pandemic, the filming of the new season of 'The Bachelorette' has been halted. Thankfully, the showrunners decided to come up with 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever' to ensure that we don't experience any withdrawal owing to the lack of our favorite reality dating show's new season. On the new series, host Chris Harrison walks down the memory lane as each episode features a season of 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' condensed to fit into a three-hour-long episode. Here we get to rewatch the highlights from that season and also catch up with the contestants and see how they are doing now. 

The first episode features Season 17, which had Sean Lowe as 'The Bachelor'. Sean's season was one of the best and most successful seasons of the franchise. Sean met his present wife, Catherine Giudice, on the show, and they seem extremely happy and content with each other. As our hearts were bursting with joy on seeing Sean's season, Harrison announced that we would be getting a brief update on the most recent bachelor — Peter Weber.

As soon as fans heard that, they were beyond disappointed. Peter, who is known as Pete the pilot, has managed to become one of the least liked bachelors of the franchise. After breaking his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss, he went on to date the runner up, Madison Prewett. Unfortunately, that too couldn't stand the test of time. On the latest episode, Pete gave us an update on his relationship status, while revealing that he was currently quarantining with another contestant from the show — Kelley Flanagan

Fans were upset to see Pete the Pilot once again on their screens and declared that he ruined the pilot episode of the new show for them. A fan tweeted, "First they bring out Peter, now Barb?! Why are they trying to ruin Sean’s episode?? #TheBachelorGOAT." Another fan wrote, "Me knowing peter is going to ruin the first damn episode. Dude just go crawl in a hole and leave us alone already #TheBachelorGOAT." One more said, "No one asked to see Pilot Pete again. No. One. #TheBachelorGOAT." Another fan commented, "I think I speak for all of #BachelorNation when I say that we would be happy to never hear from pilot pete ever again #TheBachelorGOAT." Another pointed out, "Lol seeing shrimpy Pete after seeing hunky Sean Lowe, what a downgrade for the bachelor franchise  #enoughofpete #nobodycares #TheBachelorGOAT."

'The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever' airs every Monday at 8 pm only on ABC.

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