Madison Prewett: Here's why 'The Bachelor' star says she won't return to franchise

Madison Prewett: Here's why 'The Bachelor' star  says she won't return to franchise
Madison Prewett (Instagram/madiprew)

If there is one thing that can be said about 'The Bachelor' franchise, you never really know what might happen. Some contestants become the show's villians to fan favourites and even get their own spin-offs. But, more often than not, the drama continues right up until the reunion episode, seeing that multiple romantic connections are established. If there is anyone who can vouch for that, it would be Madison Prewett.

During her time on Peter Weber's season, Prewett quit the show during week 10. However, she eventually did end up dating Weber for a few days after the finale. However, the two eventually went their separate ways. Now, with the launch of her book, 'Made for This Moment: Standing Firm with Strength, Grace, and Courage', Prewett reflects on her time on the show, her relationship and the possibility of making a comeback on the show.


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Prewett sat down with Access Hollywood as she dished out some interesting details behind her book and what led her to write it. When asked if she'd ever return to the franchise, Prewett laughed it off, seeing that it wasn't currently a part of her plans. "I love the franchise; I still keep up with those in the franchise. I did, in fact, turn down opportunities to go on the show and we'll leave it at that. I'm fine, I'm okay and I'd love to find love the organic way, if possible."

Although she has no immediate intention of returning to the series, she spoke about how she is still in touch with people from her season. When the topic of her being in contact with Weber came up, Prewett replied that she hadn't gotten in touch with him directly, even though he is heavily featured in the book. "I didn't tell him about the book. I assumed he's probably, maybe, I don't know, has seen it. I'm not sure, maybe not." she said. However, the two have been in touch, albeit indirectly. "We have mutual friends, so we've seen each other through other people being on facetime." she explained.



When the reporter pointed out that unexpected facetime could be a source of awkwardness, Prewett maintained that it was not the case and the two have a relatively amicable relationship. "I genuinely have nothing but the best and love for every single person on the show. I love everybody from my season. I have no bad blood." she said. "I just want the best for him. I told him from the beginning -- you're incredible and god's got big plans for you. And I truly believe that with all my heart. I wish nothing but the best for him. We're on great terms." she stated.

She also spoke about her book and what ultimately prompted her to write about her experiences and shed light on the same. "Right when I came off the show, I had so many opportunities to speak out. To use my voice and make my story known, what I went through and what I felt," she said. "But what I really felt I was supposed to do was, rather instead of just speaking about it, was to write all of it down, in a way that later on, it would be beautiful and of value to people," she added.

Although Prewett won't be handing out or receiving roses anytime soon, you can follow Michelle Young's journey to find love instead, on 'The Bachelorette' Season 18 on Tuesdays, at 8 pm EDT on ABC. Episodes are also available on-demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

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