How did Kara Keough's son die? 'RHOC' star announces pregnancy with a heartbreaking tribute post on Instagram

Last April, Kara gave birth to her second baby but the baby passed away within just a week, leaving Kara and Kyle devastated

                            How did Kara Keough's son die? 'RHOC' star announces pregnancy with a heartbreaking tribute post on Instagram
Former 'RHOC' star Kara Keough announced her pregnancy (Kara Keough/ Instagram)

The year 2020 was anything but easy for the Keough family. What was supposed to be one of the happiest and most memorable moment of her life quickly turned into a tragic and heartbreaking one for former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Kara Keough, her husband Kyle Bosworth, and the rest of their family.

Last April, Kara gave birth to her second baby but the baby passed away within just a week, leaving Kara and Kyle devastated. Ever since then, Kara has grieved the loss of her baby boy in several emotional and gut-wrenching posts on her social media. The 32-year-old posted a series of her family's Easter Celebration pictures, where while reminiscing about all the loss and nightmare that she endured last year, she remarked about 'renewed hope' and 'rebirth' while announcing her third pregnancy.


Kara Keough Bosworth says heart has ‘detonated’ in touching tribute to late son who would’ve been 2 months old

'RHOC' star Kara Keough's newborn son dies tragically during childbirth complication




On her Instagram, the former Bravolebrity wrote, "For Christians, for Jews, and for me, this time is a reminder of the death of firstborn sons. Sacrifice. Suffering. Mourning. Grief. Why is this night different than other nights? Last Easter was the worst night of my life. We held our firstborn son in our arms as he took his final breaths. We spent time in the hell that is watching your child die." "This Easter is decidedly better. Despite that wretched Easter night, I can’t ignore that this day also represents rebirth. Renewed hope. It is said that the word “Easter” is derived from the goddess Eostre. Eostre, the goddess of fertility, symbolizes the birth of new life and the dawn of spring. And so it is for us. New life, the dawn of something beautiful and restorative. Quite literally rising from the ground," she added, subtly indicating that they were expecting another child. 

Keough gave birth to a baby boy named McCoy Bosworth last April. McCoy passed away after experiencing "shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord" during the birth. In an interview with 'Good Morning America', Kara explained the cause of her baby's passing and the sequence of events that left her family and her in shock. 





How did Kara Keough's son McCoy Bosworth die?

Kara explained to the hosts of 'Good Morning America' nearly a month after her son's tragic passing that she planned on going into labor at home, and then head to the hospital for an unmedicated broth. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her doula couldn't be there for her delivery. To add to Kara's anxiety when she heard the news of babies being taken away from mothers if the mother was running a fever, and partners not being allowed inside the delivery room scared Kara enough to change her mind into having a home birth instead. 

"I'm sitting there thinking, 'What if I spiked a fever because that's sometimes a normal part of giving birth and then I get my baby taken from me?' The irony now looking back is I don't have my baby now, but the fear of all that compounded so much," she said. On April 6, Kara went into labor, and explained how McCoy's head was "born really quickly". She instantly knew that the baby was having shoulder dystocia, a condition where the baby's shoulders get stuck inside the woman's pelvis during labor. 




The baby was eventually brought out with the help of a doula and a midwife, but he had to be rushed to a hospital almost immediately as the baby's heartbeat couldn't be heard. Though the baby's pulse and heart rate improved, he had however sustained severe brain trauma without oxygen and a heart rate for 45 minutes. While he was put on a ventilator in the intensive care unit for 72 hours, the baby had not improved. After a week, the doctors decided to take him off life support.

His heart valves were donated to other kids and the milk that was supposed to be for him is going to a mom with a child in the neonatal intensive care unit. "We want his life to mean as much to as many people as possible and to let all of the positive ripples of his life be there," Kara shared. While the family was still grieving the loss of McCoy, Kara's father Matt Keough too passed away shortly, leaving the family further devastated. But it looks like finally, things are looking up for the Keoughs. 

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