Ruth Shuster: 100-year-old TikTok star passes away, fans mourn her death

Ruth Shuster: 100-year-old TikTok star passes away, fans mourn her death
Ruth went to the former Shafton and Scull schools, and graduated from Norwin High School in 1938 (Remembering Ruth Shuster/Facebook)

Popular TikToker from Irwin and a beloved McDonald’s employee, Ruth Shuster has died aged 100. Ruth was a lifelong North Huntingdon resident and worked at the Big Mac Museum for 26 years. She turned 100 in March last year, and her birthday was celebrated at the Big Mac Museum with a bobblehead and her signature combo meal. “I love it here. This is my family,” Ruth said at the time. “It’s the nicest place to work and the best folks to work with.” A TikTok star, Ruth featured on M&J Management’s page for several videos. She was seen in a series called 'Ruthie’s Reviews'.

The social media star was born in Brush Hill section of North Huntingdon and was the daughter of Italian immigrants Jack and Mary Nicolette. She went to the former Shafton and Scull schools and graduated from Norwin High School in 1938. She worked for 18 months as a seamstress at a downtown Irwin business to earn money as a teenager. 


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Fans mourned the 100-year-old's death, taking to Twitter to share their condolences. "Sad news to share. Remember Ruth Shuster? She was the 99-year-old North Huntingdon McDonald’s employee I interviewed in early March of 2020. I’m told by a spokesperson she passed away yesterday at the age of 100. She would’ve been 101 this March. Rest In Peace, Ruth," one user wrote on Twitter. "God bless her.. she was so kind and sweet when we would go a former North Huntingdon for vet 25 years..we saw Ruth many, many times always smiling and working hard..," one user commented.



"Such a sweet and dedicated woman. The need to name a burger after her like a Ruthie. R.i.P. Ruth," one user commented, while another wrote, "Good bless her. She lived a life she loved . May she Rest In Peace". One user commented, "Sad news indeed. My thoughts and prayers for everyone".




The last few months have seen some of our other favorite social media influencers' deaths. About a week ago, Texas-based YouTuber Adalia Rose Williams, who was diagnosed as a baby with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, died at the age of 15. The Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome — also known as the “Benjamin Button” disease — is a fatal, genetic condition of childhood with features resembling premature aging. Williams' tragic death was announced on her Facebook page. Child's progeria is more popularly known as Benjamin Button disease (nicknamed for the Brad Pitt movie where his character ages in reverse).

A few days before Adalia's death, a Wichita man with an extremely rare skin disease died aged 21. Marky Jaquez was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa, an incredibly painful skin disease, and was not expected to live past 14 years of age. "Epidermolysis Bullosa recessive dystrophic, which is also known as the butterfly disease," his mother Melissa Jaquez said last month. "What he has is progressive and terminal." Marky was very popular on TikTok. It was his mother, Melissa Jaquez, who would record his daily activities, hospital trips, and fun activities. Melissa said that this was to raise awareness about the disease.

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