How did Candice Murley Marystown die? TikToker was ‘entertainment at best'

How did Candice Murley Marystown die? TikToker was ‘entertainment at best'
TikToker Candice Murley Marystown (Photo by GoFundMe)

After losing a host of social media influencers in 2021, the New Year did not seem to go easy on us as another social media personality died recently. A TikToker identified as Candice Murley Marystown has died as revealed by her family on the Go Fund Me page they created for the social media personality. A detailed obituary was posted on the funding page where it was seen that they were looking forward to collecting $15K out of which they managed to rake in $14,486. The page was created to carry out her funeral proceedings as they were not financially prepared for it.
Speaking of TikToker’s death, a 22-year-old comedian, YouTuber, and TikTok star who goes by the name Huey Haha died in October. Another social media personality named Ladydrivah 2.0 was found dead inside her truck in Jacksonville on November 10, 2021. Gabriel Salazar and Katelyn Ballman were other TikTok stars who left for the heavenly abode in September and October 2021 respectively.
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Who is TikToker Candice Murley Marystown?

Candice Murley Marystown was a social media personality who stayed active on TikTok with her singing, dancing, and cooking videos. According to her Go Fund Me page penned by her sister, she had a fan base like no other. In the obituary, her family stated, “She was entertainment at her best, with her dancing and her cooking, and let's not forget her scatter singing with her mic.”  
Continuing talking about her in the post, Candice’s family asked her fans and followers to “look back at all her videos and keep them as our keepsakes to keep us smiling while we deal with this loss” as “she will be missed terribly by many.” The page also told us that Candice was married and had a son. Though, there is no information available on her spouse and kid. 


How did Candice Murley Marystown die?

The family of Candice Murley Marystown was devasted by her death revealing that they lost a huge part of their family. Candice’s sister did not shed light on the cause of her death but it is being rumored that she was battling an illness- the reason why a Go Fund Me page was created. Speaking on her death, Candice’s sister wrote, “We have received some news no one wants to hear, tonight we lost a huge part of our family, my sister Candice. This was very unexpected, and our hearts are torn apart. Candice was so full of life and always lived life her own way.”
Shedding further light on Candice’s life, her sister added, “She was full of energy and loved to dance & listen to her music; can't forget about her Bingo, oh how she loved her Bingo. But more than anything in his world she loved her son & her family dearly, we also can't forget her cat Stash. We just know she is dancing in the sky now, we all know how much she believed in Heaven, she is certainly there. We hope she is happy and free at last away from all her struggles and be her happy and carefree self forever in eternity.”  She concluded, “Perhaps the stars are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”


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