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Hilarious or inappropriate? Mom's sweary potato letter prank on toddler divides TikTok

In a viral video, TikToker Emily formed an x-rated word with potato letters in her 3-year-old daughter's dinner
The dinner Emily prepared for her daughter was made up of peas, carrots, breaded chicken chunks, and some potato letters (TikTok/Emily)
The dinner Emily prepared for her daughter was made up of peas, carrots, breaded chicken chunks, and some potato letters (TikTok/Emily)

A young mother's attempt to prank her innocent daughter has become the subject of intense social media debate after she used potato letters to form an X-rated term and then told her child it said "I love you." While pranks are an easy way to make people laugh and rack up clicks on social media, this parent's practical joke on her modest three-year-old did not go down so well with her audience.

The video has received several criticisms, with some netizens arguing it was a wrong move from the mom's side to prank her toddler in such an inappropriate way. TikToker Emily is seen preparing food for her little child in the viral video that has received a staggering 5.6 million views so far. The featured dinner is made up of peas, carrots, breaded chicken chunks, and some potato letters.


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As she set the food in front of her daughter, Emily said, "That says, I love you". "Does it?" the young girl responded innocently.
The three-year-old had a point - though she probably didn't know it - because the potato bits did not actually form the sweet sentence. Instead, it read "pr***". However, the young girl was clueless as she repeated "I love you" while grinning at her mother and waving her spoon over the naughty potato-made word.

Emily probably thought this was some harmless fun, but the internet wasn't entirely amused.

"I'm finding it hard to find anything funny about it," one individual criticized the video. "Don't do that what if she say that to someone," another user commented.

"I can see it now. She is going to write pr*** on a piece of paper and tell her teacher it means I love you," a third asserted. "Now it’s been put online for all to see," someone else warned.

Meanwhile, another user commented, "All good until she makes something in school for you and puts that at the bottom."

Others, however, stood up for the parent because they found the video humorous. One user said, "I love it! Ignore the Karen’s, I bet she finds this vid hilarious when a teen."

Another remarked, "God I bet there’s 100 of Karen comments." One comment read, "I've been laughing for 10 minutes." Someone else wrote, "These Karens and Kens are getting on my last nerve, understand some British humor." Another said along similar lines, "I love this it’s something I’d do with my future kids for sure."