Here is why actor Kim Seon-ho will be missing from 2021 Asian Artist Awards

Here is why actor Kim Seon-ho will be missing from 2021 Asian Artist Awards
Actor Kim Seon-ho thinks it is not the correct time to make a public appearance (@seonho__kim_Instagram)

The Kim Seon-ho controversy was put to rest a few weeks ago all thanks to revelations from none other than Dispatch; but it seems like the actor will need some more time to get over the entire fiasco.

Kim Seon-ho was last seen in his K-drama appearance as the main lead on tvN’s ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ before he was falsely accused of forcing his girlfriend of having an abortion. Now that the scandal has finally been put to rest and his soured public image restored, fans were really hopeful of seeing Seon-ho in his first public appearance since the scandal - but it seems like fans will have to wait as the actor is not ready to meet fans publicly yet.

At the end of October, Kim Seon-ho was accused of many things after alleged private conversations were made public. In a matter of hours, Kim Seon-ho seemingly lost all he had achieved over the last few months in terms of his career with multiple brands disassociating from him; he was dropped from upcoming projects and was removed from his ongoing variety show appearance.


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Kim Seon-ho will not appear on AAA 2021

Since then, a lot of truth has been revealed in favor of the actor, and Kim Seon-ho himself presented his side of the story with an apology to fans for causing unnecessary concern about his private life with everything seemingly going back to normal again.

The fans that stood by him rejoiced and the fans who were confused about the situation were pacified. Not only fans but brands the actor endorsed signed him back and Seon-ho also reportedly starting working on his upcoming movie ‘Sad Tropics’ (aka Sad Tropical).

Fans were now very hopeful of what it would be like to see Kim Seon-ho greet fans in his first public appearance since the resolution of the scandal. On November 30, only days before the 2021 Asia Artist Awards -- the biggest Korean award show to felicitate artists from the industry, it was reported that Kim Seon-ho will not attend the public event despite being a confirmed winner of not one but two big titles this year.

Kim Seon-ho’s fans put in all their might to ensure the actor won the fan popularity awards that were both fan-voted categories.


Kim Seon-ho feels the timing is not right yet

An official from Kim Seon-ho's side said, “Kim Seon-ho had been contemplating attending the awards ceremony until recently, but he decided not to attend because he thinks the timing is still not right.” It was reported that Kim Seon-ho needs some more time to heal from the damage done to his public reputation and would take more time before making a public appearance.

It was reported that Seon-ho was deeply affected after the scandal broke and he was allegedly rushed to the hospital as it had an adverse affect on his health. Fans who are deeply saddened by this news definitely understand where the actor's concerns are coming from and will support him through his process of healing from the scandal, however long it takes.

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