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Idaho murders: Internet blasts 'haters' for going after Dylan Mortensen after 'her friends got murdered'

Netizens school people who are trolling Dylan Mortensen for not 'answering' questions
Netizens speak in favour of Dylan Mortensen (Image/vcso Dylan Mortensen)
Netizens speak in favour of Dylan Mortensen (Image/vcso Dylan Mortensen)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Dylan Mortensen, a 21-year-old University student (University of Idaho) student was one of the roommates who survived after the killer murdered four of her friends, brutally stabbing them to death. Mortensen along with another student, Bethany Funke, survived the attack but she was too scared to adequately report the crime to the police. 

In the beginning, the authorities were suspicious about the length of time it took for the surviving individuals to disclose what had happened. Mortensen had said she 'was frozen' when she saw Kohberger at their home and so could not understand what to do next. The survivors were questioned by the police on November 14, 2022, the day after the crime had occurred.  According to reports, it took a full eight hours before the murders were reported on November 13, 2022


'I'm going to help you': Survivor Dylan Mortensen saw Idaho killer with 'bushy eyebrows' leave the house

Did Bryan Kohberger 'accidentally' kill 4 at Idaho home? Internet wonders if he 'planned' to attack only one

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were all students at the University of Idaho when they were brutally murdered, and Bryan Kohberger, a PhD student of criminology, is suspected of carrying out the murders. On November 13, 2022, all of them were stabbed to death inside the rented three-story house that they had located off campus.

Many people following the case started raging at the witness Mortensen, wondering why it took her so long for her to report the crime. Many have also openly accused her of lying to the police. However, others came out in her support. One such supporter on Reddit said, "she was in a house where 4 people were found murdered. She has more to concern herself with than setting the record straight for people she doesn’t know or care about." Another user said, "Her friends got murdered and you want her to dance on tiktok telling you what happened?" Yet another post stated, "Instead of harassing a victim for answers you're not entitled to, I recommend getting a fu***g life."




Others sympathised with Dylan Mortensen's situation. One user wrote sarcastically, "I’m so sure in all her trauma she’s experiencing she really wants to call massive online attention to herself." Another user wrote "DM doesn’t owe “us” anything. You sound pretty entitled."



Another user wrote "What the hell is wrong with you? She doesn’t owe YOU an explanation," while another added, "Maybe because she doesn't have to answer to bored wanna be detectives on the internet..."



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