Shin Ye-eun and GOT7 Jinyoung reunite in 'Yumi's Cells' S2, fans miss ‘candy couple’

Shin Ye-eun and GOT7 Jinyoung reunite in 'Yumi's Cells' S2, fans miss ‘candy couple’
Jinyoung and Shin Ye-eun to reunite in 'Yumi's Cells' season 2 (tvN/Naver, @tvn_drama/Instagram)

The popular K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ is making waves among K-pop fans for quite a few reasons. Based on the web-toon of the same name, the drama stars Kim Go-eun of ‘Goblin’ fame as Yumi and Ahn Bo-hyun, known for his roles in the Netflix shows ‘Itaewon Class’ and ‘My Name’. The first season focuses on their characters who are socially awkward with an interesting format as we get to see the plot unfold through the animated DNA cells in them. Apart from the unique storytelling, we have Shawols (SHINee's fandom) and Ahgases (GOT7's fandom) excited as it also stars SHINee’s Minho and GOT7’s Jinyoung.

Everyone was first impressed when it was revealed that Minho’s character was not into women. Viewers applauded the LGBT+ representation especially from an idol actor since K-pop is still conservative when it comes to LGBT+ issues. On top of that, Ahgases are having the time of their lives with Jinyoung’s character in the show. We first had his group member, Bambam, making memes thanks to the storyline where Yumi’s cells pretend that Jinyoung is a woman which led to the GOT7 member wearing wigs and jewelry. And now, it has been reported that actress Shin Ye-eun is set to star in the second season which has fans delighted.

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Jinyoung and Shin Ye-eun in 'He Is Psychometric' (@CJnDrama/Twitter, tvN/Naver)

'He Is Psychometric' co-stars Shin Ye-eun and Jinyoung reunite

‘He Is Psychometric’ was one of Jinyoung’s first major roles in a mainstream K-drama that helped in establishing his career as an actor. The GOT7 star played Lee Ahn who has superpowers as he can read minds with a touch. The supernatural-romantic drama also starred actress Shin Ye-eun, who played the female lead, Yoon Jae-in. Fans loved the two characters' chemistry and the sudden popularity led to the show being acquired by Netflix and Apple TV.

Well, with ‘Yumi’s Cells’ getting a green light for a season 2, we are getting new cast members. While Ahn Bo-hyun is rumored to become a supporting character, Jinyoung’s character Yoo Babi is set to become the main character and the boyfriend of Yumi. On top of that, it has been announced that Shin Ye-eun will have a special appearance and has been cast as Yoo Da-eun. She is a part-time staff at a ‘tteokbokki’ restaurant where she meets Yoo Babi. According to the webtoon, Da-eun is a hopeless romantic and easily falls in love, hinting at a one-sided crush on Babi.

'Candy couple is back'

‘He Is Psychometric’ fans had dubbed Shin Ye-eun and Jinyoung as the ‘candy couple’ and are happy that they’re now back. One fan shared, “Time to pull these candy couple photos out from the deepest part of my gallery since candy couple reunion is happening !!!!!” Another posted, “My candy couple is back.” Those who have also read the web-toon hinted at them once again getting a happy ending, “Wait omg jinyoung and shin yeeun reunion and the director did this on purpose knowing what will happen with yoo babi and yoo daeun.” One fan added, “I love that no matter who jinyoung gets paired with as a love interest, ahgases will always love shin yeeun the best and i mean i agree. just perf chemistry.”






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