Hallmark 'Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone' Full Cast List: Meet the stars

The cast looks impressive and promising with Tom Everett Scott, Mia Maestro and Ella Ballentine in lead roles

                            Hallmark 'Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone' Full Cast List: Meet the stars
The cast of 'Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone' (Instagram)

'Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone' is a film adapted by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, from the book of the same name by Phaedra Patrick. It's a warm family movie and takes us back to the days when Hallmark Hall of Fame films were weekly staples on the main broadcast networks.

The story of the film centers around Benedict Stone, who runs his family's business: A jewelry shop specializing in gemstones. The unexpected arrival of his niece, Gemma, the daughter of his estranged brother, turns his life around. Will life ever be the same for Benedict? You have to watch the movie to know it and before that, let's meet the cast of the movie.


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Tom Everett Scott as Benedict Stone 


Thomas Everett Scott is a popular American actor. His film work includes him starring as drummer Guy Patterson in the film 'That Thing You Do!', the protagonist in 'An American Werewolf in Paris'. Scott also has notable roles in 'Boiler Room', 'One True Thing', 'Dead Man on Campus', 'The Love Letter', 'Because I Said So', 'Danger One', 'La La Land', and 'Clouds'. He appears frequently on the series '13 Reasons Why' as well.

Mia Maestro as Emilia


Mia Maestro is an Argentine actress and singer-songwriter, popularly known for her roles as Nora Martinez in 'The Strain', Nadia Santos in the television drama 'Alias', Christina Kahlo in 'Frida', and as Carmen in 'The Twilight Saga'. 

Ella Ballentine as Gemma


Ella Ballentine is a Canadian television, film, and stage actress, hailing from Ontario. At just 19 years old, her net worth has been growing significantly in 2019-2020. Ballentine received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Anne Shirley, in a new 3 part TV movie adaptation of the classic novel, 'Anne of Green Gables'.

Rochelle Greenwood as Jenny Stone

Rochelle Greenwood (IMDb)

Rochelle Greenwood is a Canadian actress, known for 'Code Black' (2015), 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' (2021), and 'Dishonored 2' (2016). She portrays Shirley Jackson in Netflix's 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'. Prior to her appearance on the show, Greenwood provided voice work for the 1999 production of 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'.

Georgie Daburas as Joseph Stone


Georgie Daburas was born in Calgary, Canada but was raised in his family's native country, Greece. In 2006, he moved to Canada to follow his passion for acting and filmmaking. Based in Vancouver, Daburas has worked on numerous roles in independent feature films, TV shows, and short films.

Matthew James Dowden as Lawrence Donnington


Matthew James Dowden is an actor known for 'The Flash' (2014), 'Salvation' (2017), and 'The Crossword Mysteries' (2019).

Aside from the actors in key roles, the screen is also shared by Roark Critchlow as Reggie, Francesca Bianchi as Maggie, Maddy Hillis as Lisa, Andy Nez as Owen, Austin Trapp as Steve, Stephanie Florian as Diane, Alec Santos as Tony, and Quinten James as young Benedict.

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