'Bachelor in Paradise': All about Episode 7's love triangles and possible break-ups

With four new ladies joining the cast of the show, certain established couples are now put to the test

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': All about Episode 7's love triangles and possible break-ups
Riley and Maurissa, as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Everybody loves the honeymoon phase of a relationship. After all, what's not to love? For some of the couples of 'Bachelor in Paradise', the so-called honeymoon phase might be coming to an end in the worst way possible, as this episode comes packed with a whole lot of tears and a healthy serving of drama.

While the addition of Kendall to the cast threatened to split Joe and Serena, the couple's honest communication style proved to be their saving grace. On the other hand, Natasha wasn't as lucky, seeing that Pieper joined the show and Brendan instantly revealed his true colours. So naturally, the entire cast is not too thrilled that the couple is possibly on the show for clout, but there might be more pressing issues at hand.


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In classic 'Bachelor in Paradise' fashion, there are a few more additions to the cast, with four new women joining the show. This spells trouble for the ladies this week, as the objective now is to secure their roses. And it turns out; the alleged established couples are starting to feel the heat.



The Demi-Mari-Kenny Love Triangle

The drama between Demi, Mari and Kenny continues, as Mari came clean to Kenny about her true feelings. However, seeing that he still likes her, the two rekindle their romance, much to Demi's annoyance. Demi is getting increasingly frustrated with Mari's attempts to win Kenny back, and seeing that Kenny never wanted to break up with her in the first place, Mari is his obvious first choice.



The Tammy-Thomas-Becca Triangle

Then there is Tammy, who dumped Aaron for his season 17 arch-nemesis, Thomas. While Thomas and Tammy hit it off, a date with Becca might be their undoing. With fans already dubbing the couple as 'Thecca', Thomas and Becca have explosive chemistry and can't keep their hands off each other. Tammy is left heartbroken, seeing that she feel she always loses out to women who like Becca. She might have zero luck trying to get Aaron to take her back as well, seeing that he hit it off with Chelsea Vaughn, from Matt James' season of 'The Bachelor', leaving Tammy high and dry.



Karma comes for Jessenia

For Jessenia, things seem to have taken a turn for the worst between her and Chris. After she dumped Ivan for him, despite their strong connection, she walks in on Chris making out with someone else. Although heartbroken, it seems karma for breaking Ivan's heart, who was into her and saw a future. But for Jessenia, Chris seemed to tick all her boxes more so than Ivan. Looks like her choice came with a price.



Maurissa and Riley hit a possible rough patch

And finally, there is drama between Maurissa and Riley, a couple seemed to be one of the strongest of the lot. But with the recent preview showcased Maurissa sobbing on the beach, stating that she wants to go home -- there's definitely trouble in paradise. Serena tries to comfort her, but inconsolable Maurissa questions herself and what she signed up for when she agreed to be a part of the show.


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