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Katie Thurston accuses Greg Grippo of 'acting', leaves 'The Bachelorette' fans divided

Fans can't seem to agree who is in the wrong here -- was Katie's anger justified or Greg's feelings?
UPDATED AUG 10, 2021
Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo in 'The Bachelorette' (Instagram/ @greggrippo)
Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo in 'The Bachelorette' (Instagram/ @greggrippo)

The season finale of 'The Bachelorette' had it all -- a proposal, reconciliation and more importantly, drama with a capital D. 

Katie Thurston finally rode off into the sunset with Blake Moynes, as they both are now engaged. But in the process, Justin Glaze was left heartbroken, seeing that Katie called off things with him just before the fantasy suite dates. The two met again for the finale and addressed Justin's feelings at the time, for which Katie was apologetic. But when it came to her meeting Greg Grippo, after he left the show, she was not feeling as generous. 


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Greg was invited back to the finale in order to smooth things over with Katie, seeing that they left on such an abrupt note. When Katie was unable to respond to Greg's love confession the way he hopes, the two got into a massive argument, with Greg choosing to self eliminate, while Katie nearly decided to leave the show on account of this. However, she carried on and found her happily ever after in the arms of Blake. During the finale, the former couple sat down to discuss what went wrong between them. Katie, however, came in gun blazing, seeing that she was absolutely livid over the entire situation. While Greg apologised for what happened but maintained that his feelings were valid, Katie called him out for faking his time on the show, stating that she had heard that he was actually a cocky, confident guy and not the shy, sensitive person he portrayed himself as. She even out him on blast for allegedly gaslighting her the entire time. 

The whole conversation was chaotic and had fans torn. Some fans believed that Greg did nothing wrong and Katie's outburst was a sign that he had made the right decision. "#TheBachelorette  omg! I am sooooo happy Greg Grippo!! You dodged the bullet!! Truly hope you will be the next Bachelor!!!" tweeted a fan. 
"okay they both did stuff that was wrong but the difference is Greg sat there and said "I'm sorry I did that in the moment, I was passionate about how I felt" while Katie yelled at him and said "yeah I did that in the moment so what, those were my feelings" #TheBachelorette" added another. 

"Lmaoooooooooo I never want to see Katie's face again honestly. I have no words for this. Talk about ACTING. I'm embarrassed for her…Greg honey don't worry you dodged a huge bullet & @BlakeMoynes I've always loved you & you deserve MUCH better than her @BacheloretteABC" pointed out a user. "Katie telling Greg HIS truth and experience as if it's factual reality and then saying he's a gaslighter #TheBachelorette" said a fan.

"hey, katie won't see this but someone might. greg going from happy or cocky jersey boy to "shy/sad guy" doesn't mean he's acting. grief changes people. loss can change all of us. if u don't feel like yourself, you're still worthy of love and respect!!! <3 #TheBachelorette" explained a fan. 






But it turns out, not everyone was Team Greg, as some fans took to Twitter to defend Katie and her situation. "The amount of people on this godforsaken website defending Greg let's me know that therapy is not as accessible as I hoped it was in this country #TheBachelorette" added a fan. "if you're on Greg's side, how does it feel to know you're toxic in relationships #TheBachelorette" asked another. "Surprised to see so many women sympathizing for a clear fukboi over another woman sticking up for how she should be treated! She deserves to say she felt disrespected by Greg #TheBachelorette" stated a fan.