'Gossip Girl' Episode 9: Will Julien's name in dad's sexual assault case be cleared?

Julien's world comes crashing down as a woman comes forward accusing her father of sexual assault

                            'Gossip Girl' Episode 9: Will Julien's name in dad's sexual assault case be cleared?
Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway in 'Gossip Girl' (HBO Max)

'Gossip Girl' just came out with three new episodes for thanksgiving and interestingly, all the characters were neck-deep in drama. The mid-season finale of the HBO Max show saw Aki's (Evan Mock) father leave a message for him warning him to keep his distance from Julien (Jordan Alexander) for a while, which left us all in the lurch wondering what that was all about.

Julien after learning about this is paranoid about something bad coming out. The teachers who run Gossip Girl see that Kate's (Tavi Gevinson) tip, which she got from a drunk Lola (Elizabeth Lail), gets posted despite her not agreeing with it. The post although painting over the faces of the people in the picture makes it easy enough to figure out that it's about Julien's father. Read on to know what went down with the queen bee of Constance Billard.


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Episode 8 saw Julien's father Davis Calloway (Luke Kirby) accused of sexual assault and is exposed after Gossip Girl posts the tip. Initially disbelieving that her father could do this, Julien is aggressive towards Zoya (Whitney Peak) who thinks he could have done it and that just because he's her father doesn't make him incapable of the act. 

Later while trying to find evidence of her father's innocence, she looks for his Blackberry hoping that it will provide her with some proof. The woman accusing her father may be lying as no one saw her with him instead saw another one of his acquaintances. His chats from back then could prove it but what she finds shocks her. She finds texts from many women who don't remember sleeping with him, which seemed to be his tactic by getting them drunk so as to avoid getting actual consent. Julien is left in disbelief as she cries in disgust. This event saw her mend things a little with Zoya who comforts and supports her. But things are far from over.

Episode 8 saw Julien put her foot down despite her lawyer's advice and seek out these women to get them to come forward. Only one of them agrees to do so - Riley, the woman whose assistant accused her father. Turns out she's the one who is the actual survivor. Before meeting with her, Zoya's father tells Julien that if Riley comes forward now it would prove her assistant lied and discredit the other women who may come forward as well. 

At her meeting with Riley, Julien tells her to hold off on coming out and wait a bit explaining the situation. Kate who's there along with Jordan (Adam Chanler-Berat) live streams this on the Gossip Girl account in hopes of making people see she's helping survivors come forward and is not to blame for her father's deeds. But in true dramatic fashion, this backfires and makes it seem like she's trying to silence them. The next morning sees multiple news sites post about this misunderstanding as Julien is left helpless.

Will her name be cleared? Will people even believe her? Watch the next episode to find out.

Three episodes of 'Gossip Girl' Part 2 are now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes to drop next week.

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