'Gossip Girl' Episode 7: Obie tells Zoya 'I love you', proceeds to cheat with Julien

There's trouble in teen paradise as Julien and Obie's kiss may come to bite them back

                            'Gossip Girl' Episode 7: Obie tells Zoya 'I love you', proceeds to cheat with Julien
Jordan Alexander as Julien and Eli Brown as Obie in 'Gossip Girl' (HBO Max)

Spoilers for 'Gossip Girl' Episode 7 - 'Once Upon a Time in the Upper West'

HBO Max just dished out the best dinner for 'Gossip Girl' fans on Thanksgiving by releasing not one but 3 episodes! The show, which had its mid-season finale just a few months ago, ended on a cliffhanger that had everyone itching for more.

Episode 6 of 'Gossip Girl' ended as we saw ex-lovers Obie (Eli Brown) and Julien (Jordan Alexander) share a kiss after the latter shows up at the protest. Obie who's now with her half-sister Zoya (Whitney Peak) may still not be over Julien and trouble in teen paradise was bound to occur. Read on to know what went down between the exes in the newest episode.


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Episode 7 opens with Julien having dreams about her steamy night with Obie. Turns out the two got it on after the kiss at the protest. They meet up the following morning for breakfast, both feeling guilty with Julien saying that she can't lose her sister and suggesting keeping their distance from now on. The duo acts skittish around Zoya and is afraid that she may know or find out at any moment. Zoya invites them to thanksgiving but both of them refuse, stating that they have plans. 

After Zoya asks Julien if she's still in love with Obie, Julien admits that she is and that the split may take time for her to process but is happy for her and Obie. She lies saying that Obie is unsure about how Zoya feels about her and that's why he's been distant, asking her to tell him how she really feels. She later warns Obie about it and tells her to tell Zoya how he feels about her. This later results in Obie telling Zoya that he loves her even when he doesn't. When Zoya shares the happy news with her sister, Julien is clearly unhappy about it and acts a bit unsupportive which Zoya calls her out for.

The news leads Julien to seek out Obie to confront him and the two share a passionate kiss after he says that he would do anything for her, that he loves her and always has. The lovers clearly still have unresolved feelings which saw Obie cheat on his girlfriend. The episode later saw Zoya at Thanksgiving dinner figure out that the two slept together with her being left heartbroken and stunned.

Episode 7 ends with Zoya telling Julien that the fact that it was her that slept with Obie is something she can't forgive. She tells her straight-faced - '' We're not sisters, we're not friends, we're not even enemies. We're nothing."

Looks like Julien crossed a line there's no coming back from...

Three episodes of 'Gossip Girl' Part 2 are now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes to drop next week.

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