'Gossip Girl' Episode 2: Will Max Wolfe end up sleeping with teacher?

'Gossip Girl' Episode 2: Will Max Wolfe end up sleeping with teacher?
Thomas Doherty stars as Max Wolfe on 'Gossip Girl' (Warner Media)

Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty) definitely has a predatory look about him that's older than his years. And it seems that he's looking for a sex life to match. On the latest episode of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot, it seems like the line between students and teachers is a rather thin one, especially for Max who seems to be flirting with one of his teachers. 

But while the writers on the 'Gossip Girl' reboot may have thought a forbidden student-teacher relationship would give the show an edge, it's an idea that doesn't seem to be sitting well with fans at all. If you're a fan of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot you may also enjoy other teen dramas such as'Elite' and 'Riverdale'.


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Fans were not feeling this flirtation at all. One fan tweeted, "I’m so uncomfortable watching this not a student Pursuing a sex with a teacher #GossipGirl "



Others couldn't quite get why Max who certainly gets his fair of sexual activity was so keen on sleeping with the teacher in the first place. Fans thought that Max's character is just plain messy and not in a hot mess sort of fashion. One fan tweeted, "Max is fooling around with both Aki and Audrey and pursuing a teacher if messy was a person it’s definitely him #GossipGirl "



Fans were also uncomfortable at references that teachers were the ones stalking students and posting their pictures online. One fan tweeted, "It took me three days to watch the first episode of #gossipgirlreboot I absolutely hate the premise of the teachers as gossip girl. I hope they get fired and arrested for harassing minors. Ugh a reboot would’ve had such potential …"



Another fan tweeted, "the teachers in the new gossip girl: oh no we could be fired for not giving kids good grades what will we do??? also the teachers in the new gossip girl: let's do things that will DEFINITELY get us fired if anyone finds out, like take photos of minors engaged in sexual activity"



Another fan tweeted, "A bunch of white teachers pitching 2 black girls against each other…. That wasn’t even the most disturbing part…an male adult teacher stalking and taking a picture of minors undressing was Weinstein worthy…. @hbomax
DO BETTER!!! #GossipGirl "



Considering the backlash to the highly inappropriate student-teacher relationships on the show, how will this extremely tricky territory proceed on the reboot. To find out you can tune into 'Gossip Girl' On Thursdays on HBO Max. 

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