MTG's 'space lasers' or solar panels? Truth about 'glowing' houses on Google Maps

Trolls claimed they're 'space lasers', mocking Marjorie Taylor Greene's viral claims after a user spotted odd glow on Google Maps

                             MTG's 'space lasers' or solar panels? Truth about 'glowing' houses on Google Maps
Marjorie Taylor Greene has been quite the target for trolls for a very long time, this time over brightly lit houses on Google Maps (Reddit, Inset - Marjorie Taylor Greene/Facebook)

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been quite the target for trolls for a very long time. Once again, she found herself mercilessly mocked on Reddit after one user noticed something unusual on Google Maps - two glowing houses. Instantly, others referenced Greene's infamous "Jewish space lasers", believing the glowing was caused by aliens. The reality, however, is a little more boring.

For over a year now, Greene has been the subject to vicious trolling for her many weird statements and beliefs. She's supported many wild conspiracy theories during her time in Congress, including several originating with QAnon. And since she's been removed from all her House committee assignments, Greene has spent her time in Congress batting for Donald Trump and espousing dangerous theories.


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For those of you that need a refresher, back in January 2021, an old Facebook post of Greene's emerged. In it, she blamed the deadly 2019 California wildfires on "Jewish space lasers", a claim that instantly went viral and was widely mocked. It has since been taken down, but every now and then reemerges in the obscure corners of the internet, such as the Reddit post in question.

What's the glowing?

The odd sighting was uploaded to Reddit by u/xmaxer sometime in April 2021. The user posted, "I was messing around, and went to an obscure random island off the coast of Ireland. I found these houses which are very brightly lit (You can see other houses in contrast are normal). Anyone have any ideas what this is or why this is glowing?" As you can see from the image below, at first glance it does look quite odd. 

The odd glowing houses on Google Maps. (Reddit)

Immediately, the r/GoogleMaps community got to work, and mocked Greene. "Lasers. It's space alien lasers," one person replied. Another jokingly said, "Are you sure they're not Jewish Space Laser's, Marjorie?" One user went even further, commenting, "The name is Doremus. Space alien afficionado and Mexican Jew. I assure you, Marjorie ain't no friend of mine for one, and for two, this is space alien lasers. Space. Alien. Lasers."

Greene's theory wasn't the only one that made it to the list. Another user believed it was caused by "Reflections from their Pots of Gold" of Leprechauns. The reality though is far less fantastical or extraterrestrial. As some users pointed out, it appears the bright spots are nothing but reflections, caused either by a shiny metallic surface or windows being placed at an odd angle so as to reflect the sun.

We can say for sure that it isn't solar panels or space lasers. But what it exactly remains a mystery. Since the user didn't say which island exactly he took the image from, we can only guess as to the origin of the spots. But one guess that's well off the mark is definitely space lasers.

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