'We are all rooting for you!' Internet hails '1000-Lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton's notable weight loss

'We are all rooting for you!' Internet hails '1000-Lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton's notable weight loss
'1000-Lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton looks unrecognizable in her recent photos on social media (Instagram/@queentammy86)

DIXON, KENTUCKY: '1000-Lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton summed her up entire weight loss journey in a short video clip. And, as the video moved ahead she not only started looking thinner but younger as well. It seems that Tammy is finally on the right path in her life.


There has been a significant change in Tammy and it can be clearly seen. After facing life-threatening health challenges, Tammy lost somewhere around 200 pounds. And, now she is proudly flaunting her weight loss journey. The reality star just posted a short video on Instagram where her various selfies are joined to make one clip.


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Tammy Slaton flaunts her weight loss journey 

Losing weight is not an easy task to do. So why not flaunt it when we lose one? Tammy knows well how to embrace her weight loss journey. She dropped a video on social media giving a sneak peek into her journey till now. The video starts with her wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. In this photo she looks pretty much in the shape she was before the significant dropping in weight. After that comes a slew of her selfies in a grey t-shirt where her face's structure is seen changing. The video is evidence of the fat loss from Tammy's face and body as well. Moreover, in the tank top selfie, Tammy looks unrecognizable. Tammy posted the video without any caption and it didn't even need one. 



'You look like a teenager again'

As soon as the video dropped fans noticed the significant change in Tammy's face. And as she started losing fat her face seems to have started glowing. She looked younger. Seeing this a fan cheered Tammy's victory in the comment section, "So happy for you Tammy !! Wishing you many blessings on your next chapters in life." Another agreed, "Yessss Tammy! Keep on going!!!!" A fan motivated Tammy, "Go Tammy GO!!!! Don’t stop! I bet you feel better than you have in a long time! We are all rooting for you!" Moreover, a fan claimed, "Tammy you are turning back time. You look like a teenager again. Congratulations on your success." "You are looking great girl! I’m watching your show right now actually lol!" commented a fan. 

Did Tammy Slaton get her bariatric surgery done?

In the ongoing season of '1000-Lb Sisters' we saw Tammy being approved for bariatric surgery. The star successfully got her weight loss surgery done in the summer of 2022, according to The Sun. She was still in rehab even after her surgery was successfully done. Tammy's weight when she entered the rehab was 717 pounds. She significantly lost 200 pounds and slipped down to 534. Tammy said in an interview, "The process of getting approved for surgery wasn’t easy," as per US Weekly. She added, "I worked my butt off. I was starving a lot of the time and my hard work paid off."


Let's wish that Tammy's weight loss journey keeps continuing. Catch Amy and Tammy Slaton in the new season of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ every Tuesday at 9 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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 'Go Tammy Slaton Go!' Internet stunned over '1000-Lb Sisters' star's significant weight loss