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'1000-Lb Sisters' fans call Tammy's rehab center a 'scam' over 'freaking facility' and junk food

'1000-Lb Sisters' fans wonder how is Tammy's rehab helping people with obesity-related health conditions by providing hot dogs
'1000-Lb Sisters' fans call Tammy working out at her rehab center (TLC)
'1000-Lb Sisters' fans call Tammy working out at her rehab center (TLC)

DIXON, KENTUCKY: Tammy Slaton is seen struggling with her weight loss journey in '1000-Lb Sisters' Season 4. However, it seems that the rehab she is in is not helping her to follow the strict diet. Instead of providing healthy food, the rehab center is presenting her with junk food.

'1000-Lb Sisters' viewers wonder how is Tammy's rehab center helping obese people when it can not even provide a healthier food option in the list. Fans call out the rehab to be a "scam" knowing that one of the women was admitted for seven years and didn't witness any change in the size and shape. TLC fans believe that it's high time for the rehab to check and reevaluate their food option. Providing lasagna and hot dogs for dinner is not something that is usually done in weight loss rehab centers. So, is Tammy's decision of staying the rehab a good idea? Will she be gaining anything from it? Keep reading to know.


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A fan called out Tamy's rehab to be a "scam," saying, "And what the hell kind of weight loss facility allows patients to go out and bring in FAST MUTHA FUGGING FOOD? This place is a fugging scam and the insurance cos and Medicare/Medicaid should cut them off ASAP!" Another slammed the workers of the rehab, "The freaking facility nurses feed Tammy junk. What the hell kind of health care workers are they?" "The rehab facility needs better food options. It’s on Tammy but they to do better," tweeted a user. A fan wondered, "How is this rehab for people struggling with obesity-related health conditions only giving them the option of lasagna or hot dogs for dinner?? Maybe provide a healthy options?"





Moreover, a fan tweeted, "The fact that ole girl has been in rehab for 7 years goes to show you that maybe they need to reevaluate the food options at that place." Another demanded an answer, "What the?? 7 years! Isn’t the point to help them lose weight and make changes and send them back to real life?? I want answers." A fan wondered, "How is that woman there seven years and still that size? I don’t think this is rehab more like it is assisted-living." "7 years! She's been in fat rehab for 7 years!? Shouldn't the number on the scale be in the negatives?" a fan tweeted about the rehab.





Thankfully, Tammy managed to slice down her weight ever since she got admitted to the rehab center. Catch up with all the drama of Amy and Tammy on '1000-Lb Sisters' releasing every Tuesday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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