'We are laying seeds': 'Ginny and Georgia' executive producer addresses Season 2's SHOCKING ending

'We are laying seeds': 'Ginny and Georgia' executive producer addresses Season 2's SHOCKING ending
Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry in 'Ginny & Georgia' (IMDb)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Hey, Peaches! 'Ginny and Georgia' is back again with another season on Netflix. Just like the first season, the Season 2 finale left fans of the popular family drama with a massive cliffhanger involving one of its titular characters behind bars. Tragic, ain't it? Now, the show's executive producer Sarah Lampert has shared her thoughts on what happened and what's next for the comedy-drama TV series.

'Ginny & Georgia' first debuted on Netflix in 2021 and was viewed by nearly 60 million households. The show's success earned a second installment of episodes for the edgy, soap opera-like comedy centered around titular characters Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her young mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) and their increasingly complicated relationship in the face of internal and external drama.



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'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 ending was addressed by executive producer and series creator Sarah Lampert in an interview with TV Line. Lampert discussed the events of the season, including the surprise coming-together of Joe (Raymond Ablack) and Cynthia Fuller (Sabrina Grdevich) after Tom's murder by Georgia, the dynamic between Georgia and Joe after she finds out about them, Georgia's unexpected arrest at her wedding, and what's in store for all of them if Season 3 gets made.

She said, "There aren’t as many Joe/Georgia scenes in Season 2, but what I love about Joe in Season 2 is we kind of get a little dirtier with him in the sense of we’re peeling back the layers, we’re seeing a different side of him. Even though they’re not right for each other right at this minute, [and] she is very much in love with Paul, [Georgia and Joe] are a lot more alike than you know... What happens in Episodes 8, 9 and 10 between Joe, Cynthia and Georgia plays a huge role in Season 3. Plot-wise, we are laying seeds that you won’t realize were laid until we get a Season 3, and if we’re able to tell the story we want to tell, it will all make sense. And everything will come back around in a way that you were not expecting."


Safe to assume, 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 3 would pick up after Season 2's dramatic cliffhanger, which saw Georgia getting arrested at her own wedding to Mayor Randolph (Scott Porter), to the shock of everyone in attendance. 

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