'Future Man' season 2: Derek Wilson teases how Wolf, Tiger and Josh's actions will affect the new future

Wolf really takes to the new future. Tiger, not so much, says Derek WIlson regarding the fates of the 'resistance scum' duo in season 2 of 'Future Man'

                            'Future Man' season 2: Derek Wilson teases how Wolf, Tiger and Josh's actions will affect the new future

Time travel is weird. We don’t know what kind of butterfly effect we are going to trigger by changing one minor thing. What Josh (Josh Hutcherson), Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) did by ensuring the death of Dr. Kronish (Keith David) in season 1 of 'Future Man' would definitely change things up, and not by any small measure.

Are there no more biotics in the world? Are there the new timeline versions of Tiger and Wolf that exist in the new future? Is the "resistance scum" duo returning to recruit Josh again? And, who exactly is Susan?

While we may have to wait till January 11 to get the specifics of what is to come, Wilson has some information on season 2 of 'Future Man', including what to expect when we jump into season 2.

"You catch up with them pretty soon and they are dealing with their various injuries from season 1 and we spend of most of season 2 in the future. That is where we pick it up," says Wilson, adding that it is not necessarily the versions of the Tiger and Wolf that we know and love from season 1. 

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What is this youngling doing and why?! Find out: Jan. 11 #FutureMan

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"It's a different future from the one that they lost, because everything that we did in season 1 has affected what the future is now, so it's different from what we had left in the beginning of season 1," he says, adding that Wolf, however, is quick to adapt to the future that he finds himself in. "He is very adaptable, he finds a way," affirms Wilson.

As discussed previously, there is a youngling in Wolf’s life, which as Wilson confirms, means he has become a family man and "learns to enjoy life". That being said, Wolf is known to enjoy life wherever he ends up. "He really takes to the new future. Tiger, not so much," says the actor. 

Tiger is not known to give in to her surroundings as quickly as Wolf does, nor is she one to ignore her mission to enjoy life. Beyond this, though, Tiger has a huge secret weighing on her – she is a biotic. It is brand-new information to her, and Josh and Wolf are in the dark about this. Wilson promises that it will be addressed in season 2 and we will see the friends reach a resolution regarding this. 

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Mutliple timelines, multiple Tigers 🐯x2

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"It's a big thing that happens in the middle of season 2 so I don't want to give much away, but we do deal with it and we deal with the fallout of that discovery," says Wilson, who believes that if he were to conjure up the perfect future for Wolf, it would look a lot like the '80s. You know, before Wolf became a cocaine addict and people tried to kill each other for sports.

"He had the best time when he was at the top of his game in his restaurant days in the '80s - before the drugs really took over his life," he says.

Wilson adds, "So, [his perfect future] would look something like his restaurant before his drug problems really became a huge issue for him. It just would be a big party, I think. There would be no war, it would look like the best part of the '80s."

From the trailer, we already know a big war-less party is definitely not on the cards for the time-traveling trio. Come January 11, when Hulu’s 'Future Man' adds 13 new episodes of season 2, we will know what is.