'Future Man' season 2: What we know about Seth Rogen's Susan and can we trust him?

In an exclusive interview with Meaww, Derek Wilson aka Wolf revealed some inside information about Seth Rogen's character, Susan

                            'Future Man' season 2: What we know about Seth Rogen's Susan and can we trust him?

Season 2 of Hulu’s ‘Future Man’ is fast approaching and while we are still searching for some answers regarding what happens to our time-travelling heroes Wolf (Derek Wilson), Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Josh (Josh Hutcherson), a whole new element is introduced – Susan. 

Susan who, you ask? The very male Susan played by the show’s creator Seth Rogen, who has made his introductions in the season 2 trailer. With a dash of red on his hair and an impeccable sense of fashion, Susan definitely makes an impression in the very first frame. We also know that he is from the future, from the introductory line, “Hello Josh, I’m Susan. I know in your time it’s a woman’s name. In ours, it’s not.” He is all about business and wastes no time in chit-chat or engaging in a conversation about why Josh would find his name strange.

The scene also looks like some sort of holding facility for Josh, where Susan is in a position of power. He also seems to know more than Josh does, from the very fact that he knows Josh is from a different time and that his name has a different connotation in that time period. From what we know of season 2, the hardworking and perseverant team was not successful in un-f**king the timeline or as Tiger puts it, "the mission failed." Could Susan have come for answers or to get justice? Could he be a member of Future Man's answer to Legends of Tomorrow's Time Bureau? 

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We also know something the trailer did not reveal – Susan is a game show host. “He is a future game show host and that's all I can say about that,” Wilson revealed exclusively to Meaww, adding he did not realize the showrunners would opt to introduce the character of Susan in the trailer. 

While we are still wondering if Susan’s presence would work out in favor of our favorite time-travelling trio or if he would prove to be a hindrance to their missions, Wilson promised fans are going to fall in love with the character. “I mean it’s like Seth Rogen, but he is playing the most insane [version]. The character is hilarious and great. Fans will definitely love the character.”

With regards to working with him, Wilson said it did not feel like he was working with the boss man, the producer of the sci-fi saga. “He was awesome to work with, it was really fun. It was great to improv with him... really breezy and free. He is so great at what he does and it didn't feel like he was the boss when we were working with him.”

We are definitely excited to see what Rogen’s Susan will bring to the table and come January 11, 2019, who he is for sure, and what exactly he wants with Josh.