'Future Man' season 2: Everything that excites us about Joosh, Tiger and Wolf's return

What has forced time travelers to return to Josh, as was teased in the season 1 finale of Hulu's 'Future Man'?

                            'Future Man' season 2: Everything that excites us about Joosh, Tiger and Wolf's return

The time-traveling savior and soldiers have been absent from our lives for over a year and we are definitely having more trouble dealing with Hulu’s ‘Future Man’ leaving our system than Wolf (Derek Wilson) did with cocaine leaving his system. Last time we saw this trio, Josh aka Joosh (Josh Hutcherson) had destroyed the Kronish labs after Kronish (Keith David) killed himself, before unwittingly admitting to the “terrorist attack” and Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf had time traveled back to what we assume to be a biotic-free future.  

Wolf being awesome in another life and time  

Just before we saw the flash of lightning that implied the return of Wolf and Tiger, we saw that the former was gravely injured, possibly even dead. However, we are happy to note that Wilson has been confirmed to be in season 2; 'Future Man’s Instagram page is filled with teasers of Wolf in action. Needless to say, Wolf is alive and kicking, and we will hopefully get to see him open an immersive restaurant in 2162.  



Wolf may also have a family life to look forward to. In one of the photos from season 2 we see him getting aggressively hugged by a youngling. It does not look like he is enjoying it one bit, but that may be because time travel had kept him away from the birth and growth of the child. We are very excited to see what season 2 has in store for Wolf. After all, he has never been to a timeline or time where he was not a huge hit.  

Tiger's biotic future and past

Tiger, on the other hand, may not have as amazing a life as we assumed in the future. Coupe is definitely reprising her role, but Tiger herself learned in the season 1 finale, along with the rest of us, that she is one of the biotics. For someone who was raised to hate biotics and whose sole mission throughout the first 13 episodes has been to blow up “biotic scum,” this must definitely come as a huge shocker. It also remains to be seen if she will be able to fit in with her people.  




One of the photos from season 2, featuring Tiger, shows her in a look that can only be described as Harajuku-inspired. It remains to be seen where she will find her people in the future. Moreover, if she does not fit in at all, she may be returning to Josh by herself to find her place in Josh’s present. After all, he could use the company. It would also be interesting to see how she became a biotic despite growing up in the sewers with the resistance and why it was hidden all this while. 

Will Josh escape prison? 

Josh has been living a lonesome life in a prison cell, with the occasional visits from Detective Vincent Skarsgaard (Robert Craighead) to keep him company. While Skarsgaard, who at long last rests assured that the time-travelers who killed his partner and left behind a widow and her belly swollen with child, is convinced that Josh is the scapegoat for a huge mission, Josh lives on with the knowledge that he saved the world.  




Kronish is dead and all his life’s findings have gone up in flames with him, and all the biotics – save for Tiger – have been roasted. It sure does seem like the mission was a success and that the world is saved from chaos. Then again what else would have forced a time traveler to return to Josh? That is what we want to know. 

Come January 11, we will get our answers when Hulu adds 13 episodes of ‘Future Man’ season 2 to their library.