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'FUBAR' Episode 5 Review: Luke's plan to catch Boro finally pays off as father-daughter duo fights bad guys

Luke and Emma try to make amends by tracking down the MNR and fighting off bad guys to catch Boro
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in 'FUBAR' (Netflix)
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in 'FUBAR' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'FUBAR' Episode 5

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Things were not looking good for Luke and the team when they find out that they have lost the MNR and also don’t know the whereabouts of The Great Dane. Luke (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Emma knew they “f***ed up” when they lost the MNR, and now they have to do anything and everything to get it back from the guys who stole it. If they don’t, they will never be able to catch Boro (Gabriel Luna).

In the fifth episode of ‘FUBAR’, Luke makes a plan to get hold of the MNR and also find the Great Dane. So, Luke and Emma (Monica Barbaro) will track the MNR and procure it from the small-time criminals. Meanwhile, Aldon and Roo will try to find information about the Great Dane. If you remember, Uncle Barry said that their reactor had uranium-237 in it, and if they continue to focus on that, they will get pretty close to the reactor. So, Tina, an operative from NSA, tracks down the reactor and sends the coordinates to the father-daughter duo.


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Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner in 'FUBAR' Episode 5 (Netflix)
Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner in 'FUBAR' Episode 5 (Netflix)

Did Luke and Emma find the MNR?

They reach the location and make a bombastic entrance as they aim to take the reactor back. The sequence where Luke and Emma help each other during the fight is undoubtedly one of the best scenes of the series and it also gave a glimpse of Barbaro’s prowess as an action hero. She does her stunts effortlessly and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Schwarzenegger.

Coming back to the episode, an epic gunfight takes place between Luke, Emma, and the bad guys. The duo neutralize the threat and take the reactor in their possession. On the other hand, the Great Dane has returned and made the decision of going back to the prison so that Uncle Barry could be brought outside. With Great Dane back in prison, it might get difficult for Luke and Emma to strike a deal with Boro. However, they get the idea of replacing Great Dane with one of the criminals that got injured during the gunfight.

Gabriel Luna as Boro in 'FUBAR' Episode 5 (Netflix)
Gabriel Luna as Boro in 'FUBAR' Episode 5 (Netflix)

Luke's plan pays off as Boro gets caught

A few moments later, the deal takes place and everything is running smoothly until the time the “fake” Great Dane started bleeding from his abdomen area. Boro saw it and called off the deal as he got to know that the entire plan was a setup. Luke and Emma go behind Boro who is trying to run away from them, but due to dehydration, he collapses on the ground.

Luke and Emma finally catch Boro and he gets taken away to the US. The ending of the episode seemed to be a bit tricky because Boro couldn’t have given himself away so easily. The antagonist might be planning something big and give a befitting reply to Luke who killed his father (also a criminal). On the other hand, it won’t come as a shock if this was all a trap of Boro and he only wanted to get close to Luke so that he could know everything about their plan and then lure them into something diabolical.

'FUBAR' is currently streaming on Netflix.