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‘Free Jimin’ trends as ARMY finds out James Corden FORCED BTS star to call him ‘Papa Mochi’

BTS ARMY is glad that the boys are back at TV talk shows starting with 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden but all is still not forgotten
BTS fans are tired of James Corden 'faking' the Papa Mochi jokes as his staff member is seen carrying a scripted prompter for Jimin (Terence Patrick/CBS)
BTS fans are tired of James Corden 'faking' the Papa Mochi jokes as his staff member is seen carrying a scripted prompter for Jimin (Terence Patrick/CBS)

A few months ago, BTS ARMY and US TV talk show host James Corden turned from friends to foes due to a comment made by Corden about BTS members appearing at the United Nations General Assembly this year with a performance of their hit single ‘Permission to Dance’. While the joke was not as ‘unusual’ from James Corden as ARMYs felt it to be, what did not sit well with the fandom was him belittling the fandom by calling them a ‘bunch of 15-year olds’. Now, it seems the talk show host 'forced' BTS Jimin to call him 'Papa Mochi'.

Given the multitude of fans that BTS has and their contribution to many genuine causes as Corden has himself pointed out in the past, this unappreciative comment did not sit well with ARMYs. ARMYs wished that BTS never see Corden again until he made a formal apology to the boys but fate had something else in store as it was announced that BTS was making an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’. Fans of BTS trended ‘No More Papa Mochi’ on Twitter as they hoped and prayed for Jimin to never call him ‘Papa Mochi’, the title Jimin lovingly gave the TV host during their 'Carpool Karaoke' stint which fans back then had loved and appreciated.


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James Corden coaxes Jimin to clear the air

After the issue was brought to light by RM (Namjoon), the leader of BTS, Corden presented his side of the story and sort of apologized to BTS. RM also said that he ‘appreciated’ Corden's apology drawing a line as politely as the humble rapper could and Corden wanted to be 100% certain that all hate was reversed.

James Corden personally asked Jimin if he was still Jimin’s ‘Papa Mochi’ as the fandom had most certainly stripped him off the title and Jimin sat silent without an immediate response. After RM constantly said, ‘Yes’ tapping Jimin on his shoulder, Jimin did end up saying, “Yes I believe in you Papa Mochi,” getting a loud cheer from the audience as Corden and Jimin stood up to embrace each other.


They forced a 'Papa Mochi' out of Jimin!

ARMYs made light of the situation too, thinking Jimin did this on his own but Twitter had something else in store. Fans of BTS who were on the same street where BTS performed the crosswalk performance of ‘Butter’ saw that James Corden’s staff had prompters for BTS members with the scripted responses from the members. One candid photograph showed one of the staff members holding the prompter that read, “Okay this is crazy, but I love Papa Mochi so let’s go.”

This has led fans to say how Jimin was forced into calling the host ‘Papa Mochi’ unwillingly as it is obvious that for BTS, ARMYs are the most important people in the world. Fans trended ‘Free Jimin’ as they noticed how Jimin had to endure the entire chat sitting beside the host who kept seeking Jimin’s attention. Fans also laughed at how Jin sarcastically jokes with Corden calling him ‘Papa Mochi’ thrice only for RM to say he was lying and break the bubble.


‘Free Jimin from the Papa Mochi jokes’

BTS fans think that Jimin was forced to sit beside Corden and they have started taking over Twitter. One fan said, “BTS Accepted the apology of James corden for hurting 15yrs old army's oh im not okey." Another fan said, "AYO FREE JIMIN FROM THIS DUDE." Another fan said, "Free Jimin from the Papa Mochi Jokes." Yet another said, ""I'm laughing on the outside, crying on the inside" free jimin man tf is this."

Another fan said, "Hah! See him kissing their asses rn. I love Namjoon for calling him out on that. The hesitation of Jimin on the Papa Mochi Joke serves him right. Though Jimin had to acknowledge it because it would stir up a lot of controversy between them. FREE JIMIN FROM THE PAPA MOCHI JOKES." Another fan said, "FREE JIMIN he was peer pressured." One more fan said, "Free Jimin if he was somewhere forced to say that papa mochi thing."