Did RM diss James Corden? Host apologizes after insulting BTS and fans at UNGA

Fans notice that James Corden did not actually apologize after RM brought up the fiasco

                            Did RM diss James Corden? Host apologizes after insulting BTS and fans at UNGA
James Corden stutters as RM asks him to address the UNGA joke (The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube)

Back in September, James Corden landed himself in hot water over comments on BTS appearance at the United Nations General Assembly. The global K-pop group were honored as they were invited as Special Presidential Envoys to speak at the UN. The late-night talk show host ended up calling ARMY “15-year-old girls” and BTS’ appearance at UN as “unusual”. This did not go well with fans as they were disappointed. Well, with BTS finally appearing on James Corden’s show after the fiasco, RM had a lot to say.

With BTS in the US for the 2021 AMAs and their four-day LA concert at SoFi stadium, they were invited to be on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’. Fans didn’t know how to react as they had still not forgiven Corden for his comment. They even revoked his nickname ‘Papa Mochi’ that was an inside joke between him and BTS. And on November 24, things got awkward as RM brought up James Corden’s bit about their UN speech.

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James Corden mocks BTS speech at UN, ARMY says 'Jimmy Fallon is our new Papa Mochi'

James Corden tries to explain his joke (The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube)

RM asks James Corden about the UNGA joke

ARMY loved that a minute into the interview, RM asked James Corden to address the elephant in the room. The leader of BTS asked if the host was alright as he was in hot water with ARMY. James Corden tried to explain what happened as he said, “We did two jokes which I didn’t think were in any way offensive to anybody.” He kept stammering and said that he was joking about the ARMY comment as he himself is 43-years-old and an ARMY. He added that he had never seen this side of ARMY and had only seen them at their best and that he loved BTS.

And while James Corden didn’t apologize, RM cut in and said, “We appreciate your apology.” The host was surprised as he tried to say that it wasn’t an apology but RM shared that they were just clearing the air. Corden then asked Jimin if he was still Papa Mochi to which Jimin said yes and they hugged. Well ARMY had a lot to say over this interaction. Fans were still angry that Corden hadn’t apologized and were impressed with how RM handled the situation.

Watch the interview below:


'Namjoon is so hot'

‘We appreciate your apology’ started trending on Twitter as fans made tweets like, “Oh namjoon is so hot for standing with his fandom like this and directly too,” “NAMJOON MADE HIM FEEL SORRY FOR SOMETHING HE PROBABLY DOESNT FEEL SORRY ABOUT THATS HOT?!??!!,” and “No cause the way joon handled the entire situation. that enigmatic calm and composure while confronting james cordon on the spot and making him apologise and proceeded to say “we appreciate your apology we just wanted to clear the air” .. namjoon you will always be a superhero.”

Fans also pointed out how RM didn’t actually accept the non-apology as one said, “Know the difference in terminology. joon said “we APPRECIATE your apology” vs ACCEPT, as James, not once, ever actually apologized for what he said. joon took the higher road, ended the awkwardness with his statement, cleared the air, and moved on from the situation.” Another ARMY posted, “Not even a "we accept your apology" but "we /appreciate/ your apology" the nuance is so different this man is so sexy i cannot and will not ever get over him.” Fans also made reaction memes.








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