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BTS ARMY think Jungkook was hinting at group's world tour during AMAs 2021 speech

During BTS' 'Artist of the Year' award speech, Jin interrupted Jungkook making fans wonder what he wanted to say
BTS perform ata AMAs 2021 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
BTS perform ata AMAs 2021 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Both BTS and ARMY had a fun night at the 2021 American Music Awards aka AMAs. Fans got to see the global K-pop group perform for the first time ‘Butter’ and ‘My Universe’ with Coldplay. BTS also became the first Asian act in history to win the grand prize, ‘Artist of the Year’ award at the AMAs. They also won in all three categories they were nominated in. We had several other iconic moments too like J-hope and Becky G reunion and Jin taking away Jungkook during his speech. Fans wondered if Jungkook was about to spoil something like a world tour.

While ARMY loved Jungkook’s speech in English, the ending took everyone by surprise. At the end of the speech, he said that BTS ‘wanted to focus on’ and was then interrupted by Jin. The older member hugged Jungkook from the back and took him away from the mic as they laughed at the back of the stage. Fans started trending all kinds of phrases like ‘focus on what’ as they wondered what Jungkook would have said had Jin not stopped him. Well, with the boys going live on VLive to celebrate the night, fans hoped to get some clarity.

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BTS on VLive after 2021 AMAs (BTS/VLive)

Jungkook's incomplete speech

Fans who were present at the AMAs noticed that while Jungkook was speaking, the teleprompter asked BTS to wrap up their speech. And so ARMY think that one of the reasons Jin stopped Jungkook was so that the other members would get a chance to speak. However, ARMY still feel that Jungkook was about to spoil something which warranted Jin tackling him instead of just gesturing him to give the mic to another member. And with the following VLive titled as ‘focus on…’, ARMY’s imagination ran wild. One fan tweeted about the AMAs moment, “FOCUS ON WHAT !? LET HIM SPEAK HIS TRUTH LET HIM BE THE TOM HOLLAND OF BTS.”



Post 2021 AMAs VLive

The VLive was already chaotic as a lot of fans couldn’t get in due to network issues. They wondered if BTS were about to finally announce their next album or world tour. During the live, BTS started talking about Jungkook’s incomplete speech. When J-hope asked what he wanted to say, Jungkook commented, “Focus on… enjoying every moment.” Everyone started laughing as they said it was such a shame that he couldn’t say it. He further explained that it had been a while since they did an acceptance speech in front of a live audience and so, “my brain circuit completely stopped working.”




'Focus on what'

Fans found the whole thing hilarious as they went on Twitter to make memes. One ARMY posted, “GOOD F*CKING BYE NOT YALL TRENDING FOCUS ON WHAT JUNGKOOK.” Another did not believe Jungkook’s explanation, “That’s a lie idc he was gonna say 2022 world tour.” One fan asked, “SO WE NOT FOCUSING ON A WORLD TOUR???” Another ARMY made a reaction meme, “The boys trying to stop jungkook from spoiling their cb, world tour 2022 and new album.”





ARMY Twitter was also in chaos as many couldn’t get into the live, “THE TITLE FONCUS ON... ARE THEY GONNA ANNOUNCE A WORLD TOUR!? NEW ALBUM!? AND VLIVE ISN'T WORKING COME ON GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!!!.” Another joked, “Imagine bts are announcing their world tour rn and none of us know bc we cant get in the live lmao.” One fan shared, “BTS probably announcing their world tour for 2022 and armys staring at a black screen with no sound…” Another ARMY guessed that the news would drop during BTS’ LA concert, “We are definitely getting world tour in 2022 and I think this will be announced at the last day of concert.”