Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: 'Never seen Hard Rock stadium so empty,' say fans

Boxing fans were displeased when they found out the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul venue at Hard Rock stadium was almost deserted

                            Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: 'Never seen Hard Rock stadium so empty,' say fans
Hard Rock Stadium was empty for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul match (Instagram/hardrockstadium)

The great Floyd Mayweather is ready to face YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul in an 8-round exhibition bout on June 6, a never-before-seen event in boxing history, but Twitter complained that the venue was "empty". It's an intriguing match-up between two boxing celebrities from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Despite the fact that Mayweather will enter the fight as the clear favorite, supporters have been unable to conceal their enthusiasm for the fight. Mayweather and Paul will compete in a total of eight rounds, each lasting three minutes. If a player is knocked unconscious or the referee fee is not paid, the fight will be interrupted.


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Naturally, the thrills and chills of a boxing match are also atmospheric and come from passionate devoted supporters and fans around them. However, Twitter users shared their disappointment at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami being "empty". 


'Is it normal for there to be that many empty seats?'

"I’ve finally got a visual and…gotdamn…the stadium is pretty empty. It’s Miami though, they don’t care to show up until halfway through the main event. #MayweatherPaul," said a fan. "I'm curious what the final paid attendence for this fight card is. I know boxing is known for a late arriving crowd but that's a whole lot of empty seats. #MayweatherPaul," said a second. "Is it normal for there to be that many empty seats? #MayweatherPaul," a third chipped in. One said, "I’ve never seen Hard Rock Stadium so empty lol."






'People still must be on South Beach chilling'

"This stadium is completely empty rn, the stream isn’t working for the people who paid for it. What a joke boxing has turned into. Mcgregor would sell out this arena for Rock Paper Scissors. No way floyd is making 100 million off this fight #MayweatherPaul," a Twitter user said. "Stadium looking empty like shit. People still must be on South Beach chilling," a second opined. "I Hope Showtime Don't Lie To The Public And Say This Shit Sold Out, Cause It's Alottaaaaaaa Empty Seats In Here. Lemme Not Pass Too Much Judgement Though, Maybe Folks Are Waiting For The Main Event To Start. #MayweatherPaul," a third added.




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