Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul match's unusual rules leave fans 'confused'

The rules have been released and they are anything but normal for the eight-round exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in Miami

                            Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul match's unusual rules leave fans 'confused'
The official posted for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight (Fanmio)

The Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight rules have been published, and they are anything but normal. On Wednesday, June 2, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation shared the rules, taking a lot of people by surprise. How strange you ask? Well, for one, the bout won't have judges.

The Mayweather v Paul fight has been under a lot of scrutiny ever since it was announced, with the 15-time world champion taking on a YouTuber with little boxing experience. The fight at Miami Gardens, Florida, can be streamed on Showtime pay-per-view or Famnio. News of the bout led to immense trolling on social media, for what many see as an unfair matchup. In fact, so odd was the pairing, that even boxing legend Conor McGregor got involved and dubbed it "embarrassing". 


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Nonetheless, the fight will take place anyway, much to some people's delight. And there's going to be a different set of rules, compared to your regular boxing match. Here's a look at how the Mayweather v Paul fight will go down.

Logal Paul (Logal Paul via Instagram)

What are the rules?

The eight-round exhibition match is not officially sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission. That means it won't count towards any records if there is a winner. The commission will, however, provide a referee for the bout, but that's as far as they will be involved. The rules released say that the bout won't have any judges or an official winner. Basically, that means no one is going to win unless there is a knockout, which is allowed.

The KO will be entirely up to the referee, as will be the calling of any stoppages. Furthermore, both Mayweather and Paul have requested the use of 12-ounce gloves, rather than the standard 10-ounce. Along with heavier gloves, they have also requested to fight without headgear, which has been approved. Finally, each round will last for three minutes, with a total of eight rounds to be fought. 

While some of those rules seem to be understandable, the lack of a winner has caught many by surprise. Shortly after the rules were published, many shocked fans took to Twitter to express their feelings, which were far from positive.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul face off during media availability prior to their June 6 match at Hard Rock Stadium on May 06, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

'What is the point?' asks Twitter

The biggest talking point by far is the lack of a winner for the fight. As one user put it, "Wait there’s no winner for the Mayweather v. Logan Paul fight? I guess Twitter is gonna have to crown a winner because otherwise that fight is useless." Another angry user said, "There was literally no point in the Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight and now that there isn’t going to be an “official winner”, WHAT IS THE POINT?!!!!!!"



Another joked, "The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight really do be like Godzilla vs. Kong: all buildup, no winner." One user tweeted, "If there’s no declared winner for Mayweather vs Logan Paul are we just betting on a KO win? I’m confused...." Another user said, "No winner for Paul and Mayweather fight yeah I’m getting my money back."




One angry user noted, "fuck you mean no winner for the logan paul and mayweather fight, what’s the fight for then tf." One person jokingly tweeted, "There’s no winner in the Mayweather vs. Paul fight... well, unless the stadium collapses. Then we all win."



If the odd rules have your attention, you can turn on pay-per-view now to stream the fight. Even if there is no winner, it is bound to be interesting given that Paul is 0-1 while Mayweather is 50-0. 

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