Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Air time, how to live stream and why fans are betting big on YouTuber

With the YouTuber and undisputed champion all ready to fight it out in the ring, fans are placing their bets on who they think will come out on top

                            Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Air time, how to live stream and why fans are betting big on YouTuber
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul (@flyodmayweather/ Instagram/ @loganpaul/ Instagram)

If you've been on the lookout for something to get your adrenaline pumping while packing on the action, you might just be in luck. YouTuber Logan Paul is ready to take on 15-time champion Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

The matchup does seem odd as Paul has had some experience in the ring, but to go up against Mayweather is no easy feat. However one thing is for sure, it will make for some great entertainment 


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Logan Paul attends Ignite International Brands, Ltd. Introduces Ignite Vodka With it's Annual Valentine's Party on February 13, 2020, in Belair, California (Getty Images)

Release date

The fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 6, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. 


How to live stream?

The fight will be aired on Showtime PPV. You can also stream the fight live on Fanmio. The live stream does require ticket purchase and comes with a limited edition t-shirt as well as a chance to win a video meet and greet with Mayweather and Paul. 


The context for this exhibition is rather simple, Paul will be taking on Mayweather in a boxing match. The synopsis on the Fanmio website states: "Undefeated, 12-time, five division boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather at 50-0 will take on social media sensation Logan Paul in a special exhibition boxing match that is expected to make history."


Floyd Mayweather Jr

Born in 1977, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr is a professional boxing champion who has 15 titles to his name and a total of 50 wins in his career. The athlete retired in 2015 with an undefeated record, seeing that he's never lost a fight. He has also represented the USA at the 1996 Olympics, where he won a bronze medal in the featherweight division. Apart from this, he also has three US Golden Gloves championships under the light flyweight, flyweight and featherweight categories and has won a US national championship at featherweight. He is also said to be one of the best defensive boxers in history.

Floyd Mayweather during his match against Conor McGregor (Getty Images)

Logan Paul 

Born in 1995, Logan Alexander Paul is a YouTuber and an internet personality. He gained popularity back in 2013 for his short sketches, which he posted on Vine. Post the shutdown of the app, he began posting videos on YouTube and quickly amassed a massive following. His YouTube channel currently has over 22M subscribers. With regard to his acting career, he's made appearances on shows and movies such as 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', 'Bizaardvark', 'The Thinning' and 'The Thinning: New World Order'. He was a part of boxing exhibitions before, seeing that he fought KSI, a British YouTuber in 2018. The match ended in a draw and was followed by a rematch, where Paul lost to KSI. 

Logan Paul flexes his muscles after the official weigh-in at LA Live Xbox Plaza (Getty Images)


In a tweet shared by Paul, the YouTuber announced that he would be taking on the champion. The tweet reads: "it’s finally official... fighting @FloydMayweather at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday, June 6. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO," along with a video montage of the duo, where Mayweather is referred to as 'The Champ', while Paul is tagged as 'The Maverick.'


Who are fans placing their bets on? 

Twitter was quick to discuss the showcase between the two and who they would bet their money on. While there was speculation about if this entire fight was rigged or not, a lot of people leaned towards Mayweather being the obvious champion, although that didn't stop fans from joking about what could very well be some staggering odds. 

"Who wanna bet on the Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul fight? I GOT 1K on Logan," tweeted a confident user. "Gonna place a $50 bet on Logan Paul. Will he beat Floyd Mayweather? Hell no. But if he does, I'm a millionaire off $50," chimed another, weighing the odds. "I bet the Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight will be rigged," added another, placing a completely different bet. "@LoganPaul if I bet $1000 on you to win and you lose, will you reimburse me?" joked another. "I bet you 1 Quadrillion dollars that Logan Paul gon win this and I better have my money too," added a user.


Others seemed pretty set on the bets. "If McGregor couldn’t beat Floyd you think Logan Paul stands a chance? I can’t wait to bet on this one," said a user. "I’m taking any bets on Floyd. Y’all got be crazy as hell to think Logan Paul is going to beat this man. He’s 50-0 and fought one of the greatest boxers in history. Y’all are tweaking," agreed another. "Bet on Paul. Not because he'll win legit, but because this is a gigantic racket. Same as the last one. Paul will be the underdog, Mayweather will take a fall. They'll both have money on Paul and make a killing. AKA, this'll be fixed too..." countered another user. 

And of course, along with it all, came the memes. "The real bet for the Logan Paul fight is how many punches will he actually land on Floyd," joked a fan. "Me after I cash out my bet on Floyd vs Logan Paul," said a user. 


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