How much money will Floyd Mayweather make if he wins against Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather is likely to face Logan Paul's brother Jake Paul in the ring next, and believes he can fetch a similar sum from that fight as well

                            How much money will Floyd Mayweather make if he wins against Logan Paul?
Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul face off during media availability prior to their June 6 match (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

While the hype amplifies around boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's face-off on June 6, 2021, it has been revealed how much the former world champion will earn from the fight. With a brilliant 50-0 record in his iconic career so far, Mayweather is returning to the ring to face the YouTuber in the upcoming exhibition fight. Ahead of the highly-anticipated face-off, Mayweather took to his social media to reveal the jaw-dropping amount he will be making if he wins against Paul. 

The exhibition between Mayweather and Paul is all set to take place on Sunday, June 6, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The match will kick off from 8 pm ET and 5 pm PT, with live-streaming available on Showtime PPV, Sky Sports Box Office and Fanmio. The fight is going to be pay-per-view, so fans can live stream the same with ticket prices ranging between $24.99 and $69.99. According to Space Coast Daily, the recently released set of rules state that the fight will allow knockouts and will comprise eight 3-minute rounds, while the boxers would be wearing 12-ounce gloves but no headgear. 


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How much will Floyd Mayweather make against Logan Paul?

So far, the stakes are higher at Mayweather's end, with his flawless record on the ring. He has revealed that the fight has already secured him a whopping $30M simply from the build-up from fans across the world. "For the build-up so far, I've made something upwards of 30 million," he revealed to TMZ ahead of the fight. And as far payout for the win is concerned, Mayweather can bag another hefty sum between $50M and a massive $100M, in addition to the $30M he has already earned. 

In a recent video, 44-year-old Mayweather revealed, "I can fight a fighter right now; I can guarantee myself $35 mil (million). With Logan Paul, we can go out entertaining, have fun, and make 9 figures - a $100 million or more."

Following the exhibition fight against Paul, Mayweather is likely to face the younger Paul sibling Jake Paul in the ring. He believes that he can manage to fetch similar figures from the fight against Jake as well, according to TMZ reports. In 2017, Mayweather changed the face of the game forever by fetching a record $350M from his fight against Conor McGregor. Meanwhile, Paul is likely to earn around $20M from the fight against Mayweather. 

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