'It's robbery': Trolls claim Floyd Mayweather fixed Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz match

Davis, Mayweather and Cruz secured one of the top spots on trending list as the match ended with an unexpected result

                            'It's robbery': Trolls claim Floyd Mayweather fixed Gervonta Davis vs Isaac Cruz match
Floyd Mayweather with Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz getting punched by Gervonta Davis (Photos by Alex Pantling/Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Gervonta “Tank” Davis’ fight with Isaac Cruz was one of the most awaited boxing matches off-late and after going through all 12 rounds, the former emerged as the winner. The narrow win came after a unanimous decision but that did not stop the Internet to throw dirt at Davis’ mentor and promoter Floyd Mayweather.
Gervonta Davis winning the match to retain his lightweight boxing title got the social media users claiming that Mayweather bribed the judges. They did not hesitate at all to brutally troll the former professional boxer. Soon Davis, Mayweather, and Cruz secured one of the top spots on the trending list as the match ended with an unexpected result. Floyd Mayweather was present at the ringside during the entire match as the Maryland native locked horns against Cruz.  Davis after the fight said, “I hurt my hand, so I couldn't get him out of there. I was throwing down and I hit him on top of the head. I messed it up.”
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Gervonta Davis (R) punches Isaac Cruz during their WBA World Lightweight Championship title bout at Staples Center on December 05, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)


Did Floyd Mayweather bribe judges at Gervonta Davis-Isaac Cruz fight?

Even though the Internet trolled Floyd Mayweather for bribing the judges, the former champion did not pay any attention to the claims as he refrained from commenting on the hot topic on social media. The 44-year-old has time and again praised Davis since he signed him back in 2015. Mayweather had earlier shared his opinion on Davis, as reported by CBS Sports, “I believe in Tank. I have believed in him ever since he was a young kid. I still see that young kid and I told him, 'Someday, you are going to be on pay-per-view and when it comes, it's going to come real fast so be ready.'"  
He added, “I'm always going to be hands-on as far as talking to him about life lessons and what he can do to become better inside the ring and outside of it” adding, “And I've been talking to him about not making the same kind of mistakes that I made outside of the ring. Fighters can be their own worst enemies. A lot of times, I tell him that he is his. I'm always real with him because I care about him."  After the match ended, Davis claimed that he was the best at what he does.







‘We all know this was a robbery’, claims Twitter

While trolling Floyd Mayweather, one of the social media users said, “Couldn’t even beat Cruz, your daddy Mayweather had to pay the judges for you to get the dub man. You lost tonight and you know it.”  Another posted, “You won because Mayweather paid the judges my boy, quit it!!!” One chimed in to claim, “Tank EXPOSED Mayweather rich af! Judges are eating good tonight! Lol.”
The next one shared, “We all know this was a robbery. hope Mayweather paid yall judges well smh.” Echoing similar sentiments, one user tweeted, “Floyd Mayweather really is Gervonta Davis's trainer. He taught him to run away for 12 rounds AND to remind the judges that they will get their "secret check" mailed to them a few weeks from now.” One asked, “How much did Mayweather pay those judges?”, as another concluded, “Mayweather Promotions bought the judges. @LEllerbe and his big nostrils was talking to the judges.”
















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