Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Here are all the best memes

'Find someone who will hug you like Logan Paul hugs Floyd Mayweather,' a user tweeted about the Mayweather-Paul match

                            Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Here are all the best memes
A meme about the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul bout (Twitter/SHOWTIME, joenoia)

As the Mayweather-Paul fight draws to an end, social media is abuzz with enthusiastic fans discussing the much-anticipated exhibition match. However, amid all the theories, jibes, and minute-by-minute scrutiny, one trend appears to have surpassed all others — memes. MayweatherPaul memes are flooding Twitter and hilariously so.

A recurring subject in the memes appears to be the staggering amount of money earned by both Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul from the fight. Logan Paul's brother Jake Paul, who confused many with his misleading tweet about Logan 'beating' Mayweather, also happens to be a common target of the meme creators. Here are our top choices from the Mayweather vs Paul meme fest on Twitter.


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Did Mayweather and Paul hug out their rivalry? 

The Mayweather-Paul fight has been dubbed a hugging fest by Twitter users, who shared a series of hilarious memes on the same lines. "mayweather vs loganpaul in a nutshell," a user tweeted, with a gif of two kids running to hug each other.  A glimpse from the fight where the duo appears to be engaged in an embrace as a mode of defense is making rounds as the latest meme template.

"Find someone who will hug you like Logan Paul hugs Floyd Mayweather. (Red heart) #MayweatherPaul," tweeted another viewer. A Nickelodeon photo of Spongebob and Patrick hugging after a boxing match also resurfaced, as fans drew its similarity with Mayweather and Paul.

A third user wrote, "I feel bad for the people who paid $50 expecting to see a fight and all they got was a clip from Spongebob vs Patrick." Meanwhile, a fourth user shared, "Even spongebob is predicting the future now."





Meanwhile, viewers are complaining about not getting their money's worth from the much-hyped fight, while the two opponents leave with huge sums. "Floyd Mayweather after playing tag with Logan Paul for 8 rounds," a viewer tweeted with a photo of Floyd Mayweather sitting in front of a stash of banknotes.

Another user shared a photo of Mr Krabs and Spongebob rolling in a pool of cash, captioning it as, "POV: You're Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul after scamming the boxing world."



One viewer shared a snapshot of Mayweather landing a punch on Logan Paul's face, with the hilarious caption - "How that work alarm in the morning gonna hit y’all for staying up this late."


Jake Paul was brutally trolled for his shenanigans during and after the fight, along with his legion of followers who believed that Logan Paul defeated Mayweather.

"When the only highlight of the fight was when Jake Paul got told to shut up," a user wrote. YouTuber KeemStar tweeted, "Someone steal Jake Paul’s phone!" after he tweeted that his brother won. Another user tagged Jake Paul and tweeted a video of a person putting on the makeup of a clown. "People who think Logan won," they wrote.




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