'Floribama Shore': Kirk agrees to Codi's bet, fans disgusted by what he does for $500

Codi bets Kirk won't suck on Gus's injured toe, not knowing that there's not much the man won't do for money

                            'Floribama Shore': Kirk agrees to Codi's bet, fans disgusted by what he does for $500
Kirk Medas and Codi Butts from 'Floribama Shore' (Instagram)

Jokes, dares, and drama of all kinds is both a given and a necessity in a reality show, with like-minded 20-year-olds. 'Floribama Shore' is the perfect example of all that and more. Fights, controversies and bizarre thoughts about the group keep the show thriving, leaving fans at the edge of their seats every episode. Who knows what to expect?

Kirk Medas is known for his chill, laidback character. He firmly believes that irrespective of the gang's differences, they're all family at the end of the day. It's also safe to say that more often than not, he just wants to have a good time.


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In the most recent episode of 'Floribama Shore', Codi Butts jokingly blurts out a dare- he will dish out 500 bucks to Kirk if he sucks on Gus Smyrnios's injured, broken, and slightly bleeding toe! Viewers everywhere are sure to have thought that Kirk isn't that stupid. Also, to quote Nilsa Prowant, "There isn't enough money in the world", to do something like that.


But obviously, the risk-taker Kirk has other plans. He takes Codi's word for it, makes him re-state how much money is on the line and thinks hard (not so much), since we all know where this is going! Gus is already disgusted at the very idea of how Codi's brain works but is all in for a game. He slowly removes the bandaid from his toe and unveils a previously broken, still healing, covered in mud toe and all hell has broken loose! One of the fans said, "Why am I always eating dinner when they do this disgusting . Dogs eating . A guy getting paid to put this sick looking toe in his mouth. Gross! I'm tryna eat! #floribamashore" remembering the previous episode where there was an equally gross scene. Another one shared, "I just watched #floribamashore for the first time and almost vomited. there ain’t no way I’m sucking some nasty toe on or off television". "Kirk is A Different breed #MTVFloribamaShore #FloribamaShore", a fan tweeted, while another said, " $500 is not worth it at all #FloribamaShore".









Like this horrendous game in itself wasn't enough, Kirk played an Uno reverse card, saying he won that money for not actually touching Gus's toe, so the joke's on Codi. To this, Gus thinks this whole thing is dumb to start off with and makes fun of Kirk for agreeing to suck a grown man's toe for some money. There, that should do it to rile Kirk up! They start fighting, eventually breaking off the nail off of Gus's toe!


A fan tweeted, "Kirk getting mad because he sucked a man's toe? #FloribamaShore", while another shared, "Kirk just called Codi stupid but now look at him #FloribamaShore". 





New episodes of 'Floribama Shore' air on Thursdays at 8/7c, on MTV.

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