'Floribama Shore' Season 5: Aimee Hall's abrupt exit shows why self-care is necessary

The latest episode of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' shows a torn and upset Aimee pack up her bags on a whim, throwing her stuff out of the house

                            'Floribama Shore' Season 5: Aimee Hall's abrupt exit shows why self-care is necessary
Aimee Elizabeth Hall (Instagram)

The incidents that took place on the latest episode of MTV's 'Floribama Shore' were not called for and were unnecessary. We see a torn and upset Aimee pack up her bags on a whim, throwing her stuff out of the house. When asked by Nilsa and Candace why she is leaving, she yells, "I'm done", hinting that she has no interest in sharing her personal life on camera. Aimee is tired of smiling and pretending that everything is okay when it's clearly quite the exact opposite.

Both the show's stars and her fans know Aimee as a laid-back, adventurous, and wild woman, who lives in the moment. But right now, she is everything minus that and is giving her all to not let her life fall apart. This obviously leaves us wondering what exactly made Aimee resort to leaving the show. Eventually, she did open up to the girls, whilst still leaving Kirk, Gus, Codi, and Jeremiah to wonder what went wrong, to make sense of the misunderstanding. 


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Aside from the fact that Aimee is worried about her boyfriend, Dillon getting clean, he doesn't answer her calls and haves her messages go to voicemail. All of this just adds to her anxious behavior. It's clear that Aimee needs to talk to someone about her relationship as soon as possible since her boyfriend as a whole is stressing her out. Moreover, the boys had called the reality show "The Aimee Show", a mere joke, which really stuck with her. It was obvious via her expressions that she did not entertain that comment but some people just don't pick up hints that fast, do they? Looks like quick wit is a lost cause here.

Aimee also added that she and Nilsa are really close friends. Having said that, she has had it to her wit's end for having to hear Nilsa constantly complain about Aimee's pet pig, although her own dog is the one with the shit-eating problem. It goes without saying that Aimee completely empathizes with Nilsa; what with being heavily pregnant and being on a reality show and all. That and their tight friendship aside, Aimee's feelings were hurt because of Nilsa's remarks and nagging about Princess Goddess Piggy, her therapeutic pet pig.



Here's a look at the show's takeaways. 

1. Be nice to people, everyone is fighting their own battles 

It's safe to say that this is a key aspect that the 'Floribama Shore' lacks. People usually joke around most of the time, completely disregarding the other's feelings. Bad relationships, drama, or incidents are joked about and laughed at, with the excuse of "It's just a joke". 

A still from 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)


Jokes are acceptable when it's to make light of the situation, and when the majority are on board; just not at the expense of one person. It's the 21st century, and many adults and teenagers are troubled. In Aimee's case, she's not only in a seemingly dead-end relationship but has taken charge to protect herself from getting hurt any further. 

A still from 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)


2. A little self-care does more good than bad

With the gang having planned an elaborate pool party with floats, swimwear, drinks, food, and gossip, it's a really nice thought to organize a relaxed day, for everyone to just have a chill time with good vibes. The boys did good with the preparations, which didn't take much effort or time, but a kind thought goes a long way. It's important to press that pause button on life once every now and then, to just reflect, count our blessings, and smile. Doing this often resonates with us and instills in us a better human being; mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

A still from 'Floribama Shore' (MTV)
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