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What is Kirk Medas's net worth? 'Floribama Shore' star owns a luxury car but was living out of a truck once

'This is random af. But a lot of ppl don’t know that I struggled hard af... Hell, I was homeless living out of my truck a few years ago with no real direction,' he wrote in a post
'Floribama Shore' star Kirk Medas (Kirk/ Instagram)
'Floribama Shore' star Kirk Medas (Kirk/ Instagram)

Bad decisions, hookups, parties and endless alcohol, 'Floribama Shore' is all that and more. It also gets interesting when a bunch of Southern kids are thrown into the mix. They come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories to share, especially Kirk Medas. 

Even though he's quieter of the lot, the reality TV star has a lot to offer when it comes to drama. Unfortunately, his interesting storyline on the show may not have been translated well and he could be earning the least. We'll explore more of that in a bit. 


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The 27-year-old was born in Atlanta but moved to Panama City Beach to be closer to the beach house and his gang of friends from 'FS'. Even though he's the mature one in the group, Kirk doesn't shy away from having a good time and drinking it up with his loved ones. As a child, he loved basketball and baseball, games which he still loves to play every now and then. He loves tattoos and has recently started to work out too. 

Kirk is a family person and is hopeful to start one of his own someday. Unless anything has changed since he posted this on Instagram. He wrote, "Family is the most important thing to me. I cannot wait to start my own family down the road!" Kirk has been dating girlfriend Wren Marie for three years now and they seem totally in love in the photos he often posts on Instagram. "Happy birthday bestfriend/lover/soulmate. You’re the most beautiful person inside and out I’ve ever met. Please never change love. There’s only one Wren Marie," he wrote a little birthday note for her with an adorable picture of them hugging each other.

But she's not the only person who features on his feed. Kirk often shares frames with his 'FS' friends and a red Audi ride, which has an emotional backstory. It helps him stay grateful and reminds him of the time he was homeless and sleeping out of a truck. 


"This is random af. But a lot of ppl don’t know that I struggled hard af. Lost too many ppl I’ve loved, seen the craziest shit and just been through stuff I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Hell, I was homeless living out of my truck a few years ago with no real direction," he wrote and added: "I always knew I would be something and kept giving god all the glory even though I was down bc I knew he had a bigger plan and everything happens for a reason." 

In his emotional post he pointed out that God gives "his toughest battles to his toughest warriors" and that he was happier than before to be doing things he never thought he would ever do. Kirk may be the one with the least net worth, but he has a lot to be happy about. According to a CheetSheet report, his net worth is $30,000. His paychecks come from MTV and also from Shouty LLC, where he works as a social media manager. 

Catch more of Kirk Medas' story when 'Floribama Shore' returns with Season 4 on MTV on February 25 at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.