Vera Mekuli: Lap-dancing NYPD cop who caused a scandal gets job offer from strip club

After giving her boss a lap dance, this female police officer got too embarrassed to leave her home but marked her birthday with an Instagram post

                            Vera Mekuli: Lap-dancing NYPD cop who caused a scandal gets job offer from strip club
Vera Mekuli was filmed giving her lieutenant a raunchy lap dance at their Bronx precinct holiday party (Twitter and Instagram)

The 27-year-old female NYPD police officer who gave her married boss a raunchy lap dance has left fans all heated up after she shared visuals from her birthday. Vera Mekuli's sizzling moves were captured on camera during the 2021 Christmas Party of a New York Police Department. The steamy video even landed her a job offer from a Long Island strip club.

“This young lady has real talent and would fit right into the club. Billy Dean’s Showtime Cafe is a big supporter of law enforcement as they put their lives on the line. game every day of the week to protect and serve. That would be our way of giving back," said Billy Dean of Billy Dean’s Showtime Cafe.

Her boss, Lt. Nick McGarry, who is married, was seen enjoying this intimate experience as he was comfortably seated in a chair in the middle of Yonkers bar in New York with his colleagues.


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After the footage went viral on December 16, Lt McGarry was transferred from the 44th Precinct to the Transit Bureau. On the other hand, Vera immediately took action on her social media after the incident. She relaunched herself by using the new-found fame to capitalise opportunities. 

On Tuesday, April 12, Vera celebrated her 27th birthday and shared a sultry, eye-pleasing snap of her in a flowy yet body hugging white dress. Her pin sleek hair and long lashes upped the entire look. She held a rose to her face as she posed looking down, away from the camera. It was captioned, "Aging like fine wine… happy birthday to me🌹"


Her followers adored this image and commented sweet wishes, compliments, emojis, among others. However, this one particular admirer could not really hold back when it came to making a comment on her booze comparision. They said, "Bet that sum fine tasting wine." Another commenter said, "It doesn't get any more perfect than you, Happy Birthday!" This follower quipped, "Absolutely stunning Happy birthday!!! I hope you had the best day." There were several comments that read, "Happy birthday sexy" and "Happy birthday gorgeous!" among other birthday wishes. 

After her 10-week old post captioned, "If you dont look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car. 🖤" her birthday post recieved thousands of likes. Her Instagram bio says 'cars modelling fitness' and there is no mention of policing or something related.

Following the lap dance incident, a teary video of Vera was shared by her as she felt too embarassed to leave her home. She apologized to the lieutenant's wife and made a comparision that if she were a man and did something similar it would not be considered half as significant. 

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