Alain Altit: Man slapped for confronting woman who called another a ‘dirty Jew’

Police are investigating the incident at a hotel resort in Aventura, Florida, and said the charges could be enhanced to hate crime

                            Alain Altit: Man slapped for confronting woman who called another a ‘dirty Jew’
Alain Altit has now shared his side of the story after being slapped in front of his family (Local 10 News)

AVENTURA, FLORIDA: A father-of-six has now come out to present his side of the story after being slapped for standing up for a woman who was called a "dirty Jew". Alain Altit was slapped by a man on camera, which aired exclusively on Local 10 News, after he confronted his wife for racially abusing another woman.

Altit was slapped in the face at the pool of a South Florida resort hotel in front of his family. The incident is now being probed as a possible hate crime. It reportedly happened on Sunday, August 22, while the Altit family was spending the weekend at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort and Spa in Aventura. Marcos Rodriguez allegedly hit Altit as they were standing by the kids’ pool area of the hotel’s water park.


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You can watch the video here.

Rodriguez’s wife had apparently called another woman at the water park a “dirty Jew” after some water from her bathing suit fell on her. But when Altit took a stand for the woman, Rodriguez reportedly became violent and slapped him. Tanya Cohen, the victim’s wife, told Local 10 News: “The guy was definitely trying to pick a fight with a Jew. We are in 2021. This shouldn’t be happening anymore. There’s no room for anti-Semitism. It’s enough.”

Altit said, “It’s really unbelievable I resisted. When I see my children, my wife, pulling me back, it made me understand I didn’t need to act like an animal.” The Florida region of the Anti-Defamation League also released a statement that read, “We are deeply disturbed by the report of this incident in Aventura. #Antisemitism should never be tolerated. Calling someone a ‘dirty Jew’ is reprehensible. We urge @AventuraPolice to continue to investigate this as a possible #hatecrime.”

Speaking about the investigation, major Michael Bentolila with Aventura police told Local 10: “If our investigation leads us any further, there could be an enhanced hate crime.” In his defense, Rodriguez said that he hit Altit because he intimidated him, but the video and people who witnessed it said otherwise. “At the end of the day, it’s the hatred to the Jewish people and it’s so sad,” Altit’s wife Cohen added.

People on Twitter also reacted to the incident. A user shared, “There is so much hate and anger now. Thank you Trump for allowing all this to come out from under the rocks and bridges.” Another one wrote, “Religion poisons everything.” “People.. if u see a Karen (M/F) do not let them get away with a damn thing,” the third user added. A person said, “Florida, as usual.” The second person shared, “My god, the whole world has lost their minds.”










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